Sunday, October 27, 2013

Team Devens Beats the Borderland Bombers!

Yesterday Team Devens traveled to Borderland State Park to take on the Bombers. These guys are pretty tough and went 6-1 last year. They beefed up their team in the off season so I definitely had some concerns.  Team Devens takes the win and we start the season 1-0 marking our 6th straight one on one match victory!  We had a blast playing against the Bombers and we wish them the best of luck with thei rest of their season.

Here are the results:

Laura Castanon Lee Marshall 2-1 B
Chris Gortze Pete Nevius 5-4 B
Jon Gerry Bill Bertera 3-2 B
Kevin Fanning Taylor Maslowski 2-1 D
Kidd Steglemann Jaybob Johnson 5-4 B
Manny Trujillo Travis Milem 4-3 D
Sean Mccabe John Buonsanto 4-2 D
Ira Divoll John Hart 1up D
Ben Kirby Ned Eisenberg 5-4 B
Mark Steglemann Andy Duquette 4-3 D
Pete Violet Alex gula 5-4D
Mike Rogan Bob Kulchuk 5-4D
Felix Rentschler Donnie Phillips 6-4B
Mike Dussault Frank Strauss 1up D

Devens 8-6

Borderland Devens
Kidd / Laura 65 Bob k /Lee 68 B
Chris /Chad 68 Ned /Taylor 60 D
Ira/ Pete 63 Donnie / Travis 64 B
Mark S / Kevin 64 John H / Jaybob 64 Split
Felix / Manny 64 Luke /Andy 61 D
Mike D / jon 64 Jon B / Alex 58 D
Mike R /sean 67 Frank / Pete 61 D

Devens 9-5
Devens wins 17-11