Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Workdays Were a HUGE Success!

Our goal for this past weekend was pretty ambitious! We wanted to cut the fairways on 5 holes and sink the bucket targets on those 5. Thanks to the help of over 30 different people (some of whom came both days!) we crushed those 5 holes and cleared an additional 3 fairways. We also created some sweet temp tee boxes and put some logs in place to prevent future erosion.

As it stands right now, holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 16, 17 & 18 are completely playable and a ton of fun! We will be tweaking small things over the next few weeks but we are extremely happy with how these turned out. 

NEXT WORK WEEKEND IS OCTOBER 19 & 20. Please set the date aside to help out again!

You can check the holes out yourself if you want! All of the cleared holes are par 3. 

Hole 1 begins next to hole 4 of the existing course. A new path has been cleared to this area by taking that right turn after the green fence on existing hole 1. Follow the raked path across the road on existing hole 3 and then up the hill behind existing hole 3s basket. The path to new hole 1 begins just to the right of existing hole 4s tee pad.  Its a relatively long walk to hole 1 but it is going to be worth it! 

Directional bricks are in place by the bucket targets on each hole and we tied trees with some ribbons to help follow the paths.

Hole 1 is a straight tunnel shot about 350, very slightly downhill
path to hole 2 is up the hill to the left of 1s bucket
Hole 2 is a 200 foot shot over a tricky gully. A few guardian trees to keep things interesting. Go long and you have a tricky comebacker and come up short for a tricky uphill putt. 
Path to hole 3 is down hill to the right
Hole 3 is a 280 foot lefty hyzer delight! Don't go long!
Path to hole 4 is just to the left of 3s bucket. Up the small hill and down the road a bit. Entrance is across road on the left. 
Hole 4 plays up a hill that drops off on the left. I think its about a 350 foot hole but that first shot needs to be placed well in order to get the 3. Any drives that come up short of the landing zone are in trouble!
Path to hole 15 plays up the road to the left. 
Hole 15 is a tight (maybe 280 uphill a bit) shot off the tee but if you can stay just to the right of the big tree but not too far over you could be left with a shot at birdie. Hit that tree and a 4 or worse is likely.
Path to hole 16 is sort of in line with the basket as you approach. 
Hole 16 is a short birdie hole (150ish)  BUTTTT Lay up and make your putt to get the two. Real easy to go long and it would be a fight to save a 3. Too short creates a daunting putt as well.
Path to hole 17 is just down the hill and up the road a bit. 
Hole 17 plays up the road for a bit then takes a left turn into the cleared area. Some guardian trees early. Basket is about 150 from the cleared left turn. Total length is around 300
Path to Hole 18 is to the left of the basket. Follow a winding path that is already slightly beaten in! 
Hole 18 has 2 fairways. A lefty hyzer or a righty hzyer. Pick your lane and the basket is down the hill hidden behind the trees in the middle. 220ish either lane.

Hole 1 - Before and After:

Hole 2 - Before and After:

Hole 3 - Before and After:

Hole 17 tee - Before and After:

Hole 17 approach - Before and After:

Hole 18 - Before and After:

Hole 4  - After:

Hole 15 - After:

Hole 16 - After:

Some video of the day as well!