Monday, May 30, 2016

28 Chain Salute - Registration Opens This Thursday at 7PM!

Reminder that the registration for the 28 Chain Salute opens this Thursday June 2nd at 7pm. I'm expecting it to fill fairly quickly so act fast on Thursday!

All registrations received on Thursday before midnight will be eligible for a sweet Legacy pack consisting of several discs, a sticker, towel, hat, shirt, mini, and either a small bag or stool.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Some Changes to Devens League

This may end up being a long post, sorry for that! Please do read if you are a league participant..

As you may have read on the Devens Facebook page we are looking to make a few small changes to our weekly league. I thank everyone for their comments and value every opinion. John Borelli created this league nearly 10 years ago and it has grown significantly each and every year since it's inception. 

This is the average number of players per night for the last 6 years. 

2011 - 20
2012 - 31.06
2013 - 47.52
2014 - 59.12
2015 - 66.58
2016 so far - 86.82

Thats about 430% growth since the 2011 season and there isn't much room for growth left in the current league configuration and, in fact, our participant numbers are already slipping from earlier this season.  Aside from being a fun thing to do the league is responsible for keeping the courses in the ground by paying our large annual bills along with providing funds to other courses so that they can install 18 hole courses quicker. We've now donated thousands of dollars to other courses and we should all be proud to be part of the community.  

I'm faced with a problem, I don't want it to stop growing but cannot add on additional work involved in running the league and I don't think we need to, in fact, I think we can make it easier on ourselves and get out earlier at the end of every league night in the process. I believe that we can take the system that Tim Seiger built and use it to our advantage. This automated system already cuts about 15 minutes off of the time you spend at league and it eliminates a lot of the leg work during check in and score reporting portions of league so all I'm really asking for here is the cooperation of everyone. 

The problems are basic and manageable in smaller leagues but if we want to continue to grow we have to adapt. For the remainder of the season we will be making the following changes. 

  • we will be cutting off registration at 5:20pm going forward. This must remain firm. If you can't get paid and registered by 5:20 and out to your hole by 5:30 than we cannot hold up a full course. Please plan accordingly if you wish to come to league.
  • we will be holding all nightly winnings until the end of the year. I already keep track of your winnings in the standings and I will create a second column with your banked money. I know it is great to be able to walk home with some cash but I think this change is for the better of the entire league. You'll be able to track everything and will either get a cash payment at the bonanza or a paypal payment within a few days of that event. If this does not work for you, I apologize and ask for you to understand that there isn't a great balance here. Mandating that you must be present to accept your cash is not what I think we should do going forward and I cannot be responsible for holding money/paying out on a ongoing and varied basis. One banked amount for everyone works best for me and I hope that's OK with you. 

In addition, if everyone follows these simple guidelines we have already made significant improvement and we can continue to grow. 

  • Report to your assigned hole on time. The automated system places people on the course in the most efficient way possible. We've considered all course flow issues and we ask that you understand that you have been assigned that specific hole for a reason. 
  • Please keep up the pace of play. We all have individual styles of and we shouldn't need to change our style in order to keep play moving along. A simple protocol would be to keep an eye on those in front of your group and behind your group. If you never have to wait for a group to finish a hole but often have a group waiting behind you than your group is a creating a course flow problem and you should pick up the pace a bit. 

We should be able to keep tag distribution the same and ace pot will still be paid out when hit. With banking money people can be free to stay to hang out or head home without the loss of money. You should still grab the highest tag from the board if you leave. My goal is to be done with tag distribution by 8:15. You should aim to be done with your round by 7:50pm at the latest. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 11 Results

Great weather on Wednesday and 78 players. Had several personal best scores out there:

Jeremy Draeger 54
Bill Pacheco 62
Ethan Strauss 69

There may be a few changes as of next week to the league structure. Trying to close up shop 20-30 minutes earlier each night. More soon.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none

Ace pot #1 at $250
Ace pot #2 at $153 + next weeks money in



Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Third Annual 28 Chain Salute - Saturday July 23rd and Sunday July 24th

Green Light Disc Golf Presents the Third Annual 28 Chain Salute

Registration and waitlist:

SOLD  OUT - Waitlist Forming
Saturday July 23, 2016  - All Professional Divisions and Advanced Men (AM1)

Devens DGC – Two Rounds on The General - Devens, MA
NEFA Points Event
TD: Luke Adolph

SOLD OUT – Waitlist Forming
Sunday July 24, 2016 -  Advanced Women, Intermediate, Intermediate Women, Advanced Masters, Advanced Grandmasters, Recreational and Junior

Devens DGC – Two Rounds on The General - Devens, MA
NEFA Points Event
TD: Luke Adolph

Each day will be two rounds of singles - stroke play, 72 golfers max
8:00am - Sign in
9:10am - Players meeting
9:30am - Shotgun start

Entry Fees:
* $50 Pros - Open, Women, Masters, Grandmasters
* $25 Advanced men, women, masters & grandmasters divisions
* $20 Intermediate men and women
* $15 Recreational and junior
* $1 NEFA and the PayPal fee will be added to your cost
* $2 ace pot (sign up and pay day of)
* Add $5 for day-of registration
* Add $10 if you are not a current PDGA member. This does not apply to the junior divisions.

Players Packs:
* All players in the Amateur divisions will get a custom tournament stamped disc.
* Some additional discs will be available for $10

* All Pros are playing for a 1st place trophy & a cash payout within their division
* All Advanced, Intermediate, Rec and Junior players are playing for a 1st place trophy and funny money from Green Light Disc Golf. Tiered pricing so higher divisions will receive higher payouts.
* We will be paying out based on the PDGA recommendations
* A registration night giveaway All registrations received before midnight will be eligible for a sweet Legacy pack consisting of several discs, a sticker, towel, hat, shirt, mini, and either a small bag or stool. The drawing will be done by Monday night June 6th. The winner was Sam Gaddes! Pick a number app chose #29 and Sam was the 29th registration to come in.
* Devens Disc Golf will be hosting a player’s party on Saturday evening beginning immediately after day one awards are complete.  The Player’s Party will be at The Billiards CafĂ© in Ayer, approximately 1.5 miles from the course (39 Main St., Ayer, MA).  Plenty of parking on street or at the Ayer train station, directly across the street.  Free pool and access to full bar and menu.  The Player’s Party is for all registered players.  Come join after day one or before day two play. Looks like about 50-60 people are interested!

Devens Pizza or another local sub/pizza shop will be taking orders during registration and will deliver during lunch. Cash only for lunch sales

Lodging in Devens Common:
* Hilton Garden Inn
* Spring Hill Suites

* If you can't make it, let us know on or before 10pm on July 22nd (Friday night) and you'll get a full refund. This applies to both days of the tournament.
* If you do not show on game day, you won't get anything back or get a player pack (even if you send an email or call that morning). Thank you for sponsoring the tournament!

Registration and waitlist:

If this event sells out we will run a waitlist with priority going to those who are paid. There will be a separate waitlist for each day.

Contact Luke Adolph at 617-905-6574 (text or call) or email me at

If you have a truck please help drive golfers down the road to the middle of the course.

Registration List 144/144 –


Brett Stetson – Pro Open – IN (6/13)
Bret Norcross –  Dropped (6/24)
      Robert Direnzo – Pro Open – IN (7/1)
      Benjamin Cybul – Pro Open – IN (7/5)
Mike Dussault – Pro Master – IN (7/10)
      Greg McWilliams – AM1 – IN (7/15)
      Clayton Fahey – MPO – IN (7/17)
      David Williams – MPM – IN (7/18)
      Jesse Richardson – AM1 – IN (7/18)
      Cam Rose – AM1 – IN (7/20)
      Mike Sale – MPO – IN (7/20)
      Peter Bean – MPO – IN (7/21)
      Joe Mercieri – AM1 – IN (7/22)
      Sandy Redd – MPO – IN (7.22)

      Jimmy Towey – AM2 – IN (7/7)
      Mario Rodriquez – AM2 – IN (7/16)
      Mike Thompson – AM2 – IN (7/18)
      Kevin Cocci – AM2 – IN (7/20)
      Jake Morris – AM2 – IN (7/20)
      Mark Ewell – AM2 – IN (7/20)
      Adam Carmichael – AM2 – IN (7/22)

1.      Joe Bishop – MPO - Saturday

Heather Stebenne – Dropped from FA1
Kassandra Martin – Dropped from FA2
Kevin Gardner – Dropped from MPO
Tyler Johnson – Refunded $10 PDGA fee
Aaron Little – Refunded $10 PDGA fee
Bret Norcross – Dropped from Waitlist
Brendan Kaisershot – Dropped from MA2
Ryan Shevlin – Dropped from MA2
Clayton Fahey – Dropped from Waitlist
Bradley Arnall – Dropped from Pro GM
David Furman – Refunded $10 PDGA fee
Joy Hartwell – Dropped from FPO
Derek Zwart – Dropped from Rec
Max Foner – Refunded $10 PDGA fee
Josh St. Denis – Dropped from MPO
Tom Fisher – Dropped from MA1
John Hart – Dropped from AM Master
Magnus Johannsson – Dropped from MA1
Steve Hartwell – Dropped from MPG
Nick Glendenning – Dropped from MA1
Nick Parabicoli – Dropped from MA2
Nat Fairbanks – Dropped from Rec
Charlie Crosby – Dropped from Am Masters
Jonathan Cattel – Dropped from MA1
Steve Walker – Dropped from Rec
Greg Bianco – Dropped from MPG
Jesse Richardson – Dropped from MA1

Mark Padilla – AM2 to Rec – Refund $5. Donated
Avery Sartelle – AM1 to AM2 – Refund $5. Donated
Bob Kulchuk – MPO to MPM

Friday, May 20, 2016

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 10 Results

Great weather on Wednesday and 84 players. Thanks to those who had fun with the TM's red nose stuff!

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none
Ace pot #1 at $250
Ace pot #2 at $94 + next weeks money in



Thursday, May 12, 2016

McBeast Challenge at Devens - Tuesday June 28th

We will except upto 142 players, we will be using both courses so when you sign up please specify which course you will be playing. Also we will be implementing the league handicap For the general.
You will be able to sign up via cash at the Hawks Nest, during Devens league nights, and day of the event. We understand that if Paul and Nate play that there will be people that would rather spectate than play, this is ok but we do ask that you would still sign up and get the disc and enjoy the clinic afterwards.  So let's keep the course looking clean and show them why our community is so awesome.

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 9 Results

97 players enjoyed the sun and warmth at league last night! Couple of personal best scores as well (Tim Seiger shot a 61 on the Hill and Aaron Little's 53 on the General!)

We have had 22 players attend all 9 weeks of league. 165 unique players and an average of 88.11 players per night.

With the Womens Global event this weekend and the Ladies Divisional event happening the following weekend Devens would like to pay for all ladies playing at league next week. We have had 21 women play at league and I'd love to see all 21 and more come out for the night! Spread the word, $5 fee waived for ladies next week 5/18!

Lots of people have been playing without buying a tag. Here's a gentle reminder that buying a tag helps grow disc golf in New England and it also makes you eligible for collecting the full ace pot and all of the perks that come with the Bag Tag Bonanza at the end of the season (you don't want to miss your chance at the raffle items!)

See ya next week.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none
Ace pot #1 at $250
Ace pot #2 at $31 + next weeks money in



Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 8 Results

69 players came out despite the cold and rainy weather. I think the rain stopped before play started and started up again at the tail end of play.

Last night went pretty smooth but I'm gonna keep these next few paragraphs on the wrap up for the next few weeks though.

With the record numbers comes the need for more cooperation from the players. PLEASE use the automated system to check in and report scores. Tim and I should really only be used to enter accept cash/mark you as paid/add new players/sell tags and form groups for The General during check in and then to hand out tags and read off names at the end of the night. The league purchased a small tablet which will be on the table for you to use if you don't have your own smartphone. It's super easy to sign in and report scores and your cooperation can only help to improve the league..

We also took away the ability to form your own group on the General via the phone wifi page. Tim and I will do that for you as having players form the card caused a few issues. Basically, make sure all players in your group are signed into the virtual waiting room and paid, then come see tim or I and let us know which 4 players will be in your group and we will form the card and assign a hole.

Please also start from the hole in which you were assigned. We consider all sorts of things when running a league of this size and course flow is extremely important. We place people on the course in way designed to provide the best course flow and we appreciate your cooperation as all 100 of us can't start on hole 1.

See ya next week.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none
Ace pot #1 at $202 + next weeks money in