Friday, August 18, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 22 Results

60 players on a nice night!

(pot #1 $86 plus next weeks money in)

Pro Pool: Chris Collette $30

Handicap Pool: Jim MacRae $7

I never figured out what happened to last weeks dropbox links. It seemed like some people were able to open the docs  but others were not successful. If you can't open these just email me at and i'll forward you the docs. If dropbox links don't work for you try this:

With 9 weeks left it's time to start tracking the points series closely.

A pool:

Casey White - 69 points
Aaron Little - 56
Greg Bianco - 56
Chris Collette - 51
Adam Abruzzi - 46
Frank Strauss - 44
John Buonsanto - 43
Alex Gula - 43

Can Casey hang on to win A pool in his first year advancing from B pool (which he won)? Will Aaron finish strong to win his 3rd season in a row?  Greg has been pushing hard for the top spot too! Attendance points aren't going to help Casey, Aaron, Greg or Adam at this point but if Chris, Alex and John Bon play often and place well those attendance points could help out quite a bit.

B pool:

Ryan Shevlin - 66 points
John Murin Jr - 63
Sam Misuraca - 60
Ashley Toomey - 59
Brandon Carlson - 56
Kevin Cocci - 52 points

Tight division. Ryan may end up with some additional attendance points at the end too!

C pool:

Bill Pacheco - 53 points
Roger Sruton - 43
Paul Sales - 37
Sean Parlon -  33
Eric Osvold - 30

Everyone  has essentially the same average score here so attendance looks to really help in winning the C pool this year.

D Pool:
Ashlee Foley - 56 points
Kim Krieser - 41
Matt Bourgault - 38
Matt Steinberg - 36

Huge drop off after these 4 players so who is going to hang on to stay in the top 3?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 21 Results

Sorry for the delayed results. 55 players last week.

(pot #1 $41 plus next weeks money in)

Pro Pool: Anthony Frongillo $30

Handicap Pool: Anthony Frongillo $9

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 20 Results

22 players braved the awful forecast. The weather didn't turn out too horrible though. Sorry for the delayed results.
Bill  Bertera Hole 17 Hill Original for $16
(pot #1 starts fresh next week)

Pro Pool: Aaron Little $10

Handicap Pool: Paul Sales $3