Sunday, November 11, 2012

Team Devens Defeats Borderland 2

We started a little slow today but crushed the doubles afternoon round for a resounding win! Well done, team!

Both teams of Alex/John Buon & Pete/Luke shot a course record in the doubles round.  A pair of 44s! (at least we think it is a course record..)


John Bounsanto vs. Andrew Stegelmann - BL2 2&1
Bob Kulchuk vs. Mike Roberts - DEV 4&3
Jason Thurlow vs. Ira Divoll - BL2 2&1
John Hart vs. Will Raich - DEV 1up
Jaybob Johnson vs. Jon Gerry - DEV 5&4
Taylor Maslowski vs. Mark Goldstein - DEV 3&2
Donnie Phillips vs. Kevin Fanning - DEV 1up
Bob Burdett vs. Bob Baker - DEV 2&1
Pete Nevius vs. Ben Kirby BL2 3&2
Bill Bertera vs. Manny Trujillo DEV 3&2
Josh Miller vs. Pete Violet - BL2 4&2
Luke Adolph vs. Mark Stegelmann - BL2 6&5 (*sigh*)
Andrew Duquette vs. Felix Rentsler - BL2 2&1
Frank Strauss vs. Paul Southard - DEV 8&7
Alex Gula vs. Julian Birch - DEV 6&5
Kari James & Laura Casternon - BL2 9&7

Singles Results:
Devens 9
Borderland 7

Doubles Round:

Jason Thurlow/Bob Kulchuk vs. Julian Birch/Mike Roberts - DEV 50-55
Bill Bertera/Josh Miller vs. Ira Divoll/Mark Goldstein - DEV 48 - 58
Luke Adolph/Pete Nevius vs. Will Raich/Paul Southard - DEV 44-51
Andrew Duquette/Bob Burdett vs. Bob Baker/Felix Rentsler - DEV 51-52
Donnie Phillips/Kari James vs. Andrew Stegelmann/Laura Casternon - BL2 53-53 (7 hole playoff)
John Hart/Jaybob Johnson vs. Pete Violet/Kevin Fanning - BL2 47 - 52
Frank Strauss/Taylor Maslowski vs. Jon Gerry/Ben Kirby - DEV 49-51
Alex Gula/John Buonsanto vs. Manny Trujillo/Mark Stegelmann - DEV 44-53

Doubles Results:
Devens 12
Borderland 4

Total Results:
Devens 21
Borderland 11

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finalized Team Devens Gear

Disregard my earlier post with the team logo. I just received the awesome finalized version from Jaybob.

Team Devens Hosts Borderland 2 this Weekend

This Sunday Team Devens will host its first home match against the B Pool team from Borderland. We are still charged up from our come from behind win on the road last month. Hopefully we can carry that momentum into this match and defend our home turf! Wish us luck!

The course will be pretty crowded but playable for casual rounds.

Check out our new team logo!

Monday, November 5, 2012


What a day! Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday and to everyone who helped to make this league such a big success! There are lots of people who assist on a regular basis and it would not run smoothly without that help. I'd like to also thank those who put their hard earned money into that gift certificate. It was certainly not necessary but very much appreciated. Tara and I love that restaurant and we are excited to go back, THANK YOU!

Yesterday felt like a bunch of friends getting together to play some disc golf. I'm happy to have met you all and I look forward to doing this all again next year with the hopes of bigger and better things! Stay tuned in late winter for info on the 2013 season and as always, please feel free to provide any suggestions.

Enough of the sappiness, here are the results:

Top 3 A Pool:
1 - Alex Gula - 104 - tag 1
2 - Luke Adolph - 109 - tag 2
3 - Ken Gary - 112 - tag 3

Top 3 B Pool:
1 - Bob Kulchuk - 117 - tag 10
2 - Sam Misuraca - 123 - tag 28
3 - Chris Pickering - 127 - tag 29

Full Results:

Season Standings Payouts:

A Pool:
1 - Alex Gula - 89 points - $100.00
2 - Donnie Phillips - 63 points - $75.00
3 - Frank Strauss - 60 points - $50.00

B Pool:
1 - Bob Kulchuk - 66 points - $100.00
2 - Sam Misuraca - 57 points - $75.00
3 - Aaron Stewart - 40 points - $50.00

Thanks to several generous people there were lots of CTP prizes up for grabs. Not all of the flags were brought in so I don't have a full list of those prizes but here is what I do have:

Star Teebird - won by Bill Smith
Lattitude Villain - won by Josh Miller
Lattitude Villain - won by Dave Mullett
$10.00 Kimball Farm Gift Certificate - won by Tim Seiger
$10.00 Kimball Farm Gift Certificate - won by Andy Duquette
Supersoft Wizard - won by Frank Strauss

Other prizes included, Vibram Open 2010 DVD, A couple Tshirts, 6 Pack of beer with a Growler and another disc or two as well

Side note - Apparently eating pizza is translates into good disc golfing. Travis held the record for most pizza consumed (8 slices!) and he shot a 52 the 2nd round...  The secret is out