Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You for a Fantastic Year @ Devens DGC!

Wow, what a year it has been for Devens DGC!  There were so many highlights in 2013 but none compare to the installation of our new 18 hole course.  Together we built something special and as a small thank you to those who helped build the course we made a tag that we hope you will proudly display on your disc golf bag.

I should have these tags in hand shortly and I will start distributing right away on an "as I see you" basis. 

Thank you again and I look forward to an excellent 2014!

Donnie Phillips Nails First Ace on "The General"!

Well, it didn't take long for someone to ace on the new course.  Donnie Phillips hit hole 2 last weekend for the first ace!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lost and Found Moving to Devens Pizza

The Devens lost and found is being held at Devens Pizza on Main Street in Ayer. This is the building behind "The Hill" hole 12 & "The General" hole 11. Next to where Killer B Disc Golf was. To get there, leave the course via Antietam Street. Make a right at the Parker School and a right on Main Street. Store is on the right. Tell Billy you have a disc in the lost and found and thank him for holding them by patronizing his store. You can also donate to the course to say thanks.

It is always a good idea to put as much info as possible on your disc. Full name, Phone # and email address.


No Name - Red Champ Ape with ape stamp
Avi Turkewitz - 617-909-xxxx Pro D Magnet - Magic Hat
Guy - Green Dyed Ace of Spades
Phil Violette - Red Champ Sidewinder
K. Woodard - 978-496-xxxx Orange FLX Buzzz
Brian 978-277-xxxx Blue
js5779@comcast. net  978-580-xxxx Green Champ Orc
Nick Silva 774-349-xxxx Green Quest Bone
Dirk Yurganof -978-466-xxxx Green Champ Katana
Chris Langley - 978-790-xxxx Red Legacy Rampage
Chris Langley - 978-790-xxxx White DX Boss
Bobby Kemp - 978-790-xxxx Orange Z Buzzz (w/glow stuff)
Bobby Kemp - 978-790-xxxx white Roadrunner
Cody B. Red Star Wraith
Barry Kosherick 610-513-xxxx Blue Opto River
Barry Kosherick 610-513-xxxx Orange Z Glide
RB - Green Z Buzzz
Michael Thorpe - 978-602-xxxx Orange Star Sidewinder
DTC - White Eagle
Joe Walker - 978-790-xxxx White FLX Buzzz
Cody B. - Red Star Wraith
Nate Wood - woonat@gmail.com - Yellowish Vibram Trak
Kevin G. - 508-523- - Pink Z Nuke
John Miasen - 978-772-xxxx Yellow DX Dart
Mike Delgiudice - 978-502-xxxx - Yellow DX Beast
Shawn Ouellette  - 978-855-xxxx White Star Leopard?
Stephen Venable - 617-290-xxxx - Blue DX Puma
Rob Bowes - 661-478-xxxx - White Quest Defender
Jim Macrae - 978-621-xxxx Blue Star Boss
Larry Casey - 508-762-xxxx - Red Z Nuke
Matt Grayum - Neon Yellow 2011 Dam Tourney
508-713-xxxx - Orange Pro Leopard
Derek Delaney - 603-762-xxxx -  Neon Yellow Champ Orc
Brian B - 508-735-xxxx - Blue Epic
Chad - 917-498-xxxx - Yellow Sidewinder
Jeff Kussman - 803-315-xxxx - Prostyle U-2
Bobby D - 774-571-xxxx - White 2007 MSDGC
Adam Mornzer - TANK - Orange JLS
Russ Cohen - 781-646-xxxx - Orange FLX Surge
Steve L - 207-319-xxxx - Blue Champ Coyote
Adam Mickey - Yellow Champ Monarch
John Fiske - 508-353-xxxx - White Pro Ryhno
Josh Peterson - 978-855-xxxx - Yellow Classic Roc
Josh Peterson - 978-855-xxxx - Yellow Z Comet
Greg - 413-572-xxxx - Blue Kite
Pete P - 978-259-xxxx - Yellow Gumbputt
E-M-C - Blue Champ Orc
Nate Malchik - 617-281-xxxx - Green Spider Sharpie Design
Nat - 617-549-xxxx - Orange Champ Sidewinder
Lietro - 978-417-xxxx - Orange DX Valkyrie
Ryan Arnett - 617-910-xxxx - White DX Teebird
Jason R - 603-828-xxxx - Tie Dye Champ Orc
Mitch Guess - 602-214-xxxx - White 2010 Dam Tourney Monarch
Roedel - Champion Leopard
Beave - 978-855-xxxx - White DX Beast
Tommy Podles - 508-873-xxxx - Green Innova
Sam Shaw - 406-570-xxxx - White Star Teerex
Brett Hakesley - Peach Odyssey
Craig - 978-729-xxxx - Red DX Stingray
Will Spaulding - 978-808-xxxx Tie Dye Pro Wraith
Bryan "The Hammer" McCormick - 781-507-xxxx - White DX Leopard
Timo - 978-496-xxxx - Yellow DX Leopard
Mark D - 734-236-xxxx - Yellow Z Nuke
David Poole - 978-772-xxxx - White DX Valkyrie
Leannakig - Old Blue - 845-323-xxxx - Blue DX Leopard
Aaron - 406-599-xxxx - Blue Innova Bay Pointe Mortage
Dave - 413-668-xxxx - White ESP Nuke
Dave - 413-668-xxxx - Green Avenger SS\
Mike Welch - Orange Ching Power Genesis
Eric - 508-997-xxxx - Blue Champ Groove
Josh Powers - 603-965-xxxx - Tie Dye Champ Vulcan
Godek - Blue Champ Banshee
Alex - 978-508-xxxx - Blue Champ Groove
Nick Castro - 978-621-xxxx - DX Roc
Dan - 508-863-xxxx - Tie Dye Champ Wraith
Dexter Laplant - Orange Express
Brad Parsons - 978-877-xxxx - White FLX Buzzz
liamp807@hotmail.com - Green 2012 Ace Race
Garrity - 978-870-xxxx - White XL
Lee Graves - White/Red Champ Sidewinder
Barry Kosherick - 610- 513-xxxx - Blue River
Paul - 508-517-xxxx - Red DX Roc
Ed Rose - 774-218-xxxx - Yellow ESP Meteor
James - 978-443-xxxx - Yellow Frisbee Disc Midrange
Lessard - Middle Finger Stamp - Blue Destroyer
Ryan - 508-612-xxxx - Blue Wolf
Mark Rooney - 207-751-xxxx - Light Purple Champ Teebird
Nick Washburn - 978-895-xxxx - Blue Champ Groove
Tony - 978-895-xxxx - Yellow Champ Monarch
Tony - 978-895-xxxx - Yellow Champion Beast
js12982@gmail.com - White Star Boss
Ryan - 508-579-xxxx - Red Sar Valkyrie
Avery S. 978-503-xxxx - Orange Tomlinson Run
Jeremy Travis - 857-488-xxxx - Orange Double Stamps Star
B. Harmon - 508-868-xxxx - White Star Teebird
Bob -  707-479-xxxx - Green Champ Orc
Bob - 707-479-xxxx - Yellow DX Valkyrie
Anthony M. - 508-308-xxxx - Yellow Champ Beast
Ryan Mac... - 207-252-xxxx - Green Champ Shark
M. Wallace - mjwallace17@yahoo.com - Yellow Star Wraith
Katelyn - 978-799-xxxx - Red DX Beast
Matt Schofield - 978-877-xxxx - Yellow DX Beast
Merv - 508-942-xxxx - Green Champ Stingray
Chris Citorik - ccitorik@gmail.com - Orange Star Katana
Carl Rossetti - 978-877-xxxx Star Katana
David Weaver - 973-650-xxxx - Yellow Star Roadrunner
Laura Houde - 508-410-xxxx - Yellow DX Valkyrie
Daum - 978-407-xxxx - Blue DX Beast
Mike Brown - 978-693-xxxx - Orange Star Sidewinder
R. Cameron - 508-840-xxxx - Orange QJLS
Stephan Cramb - 978-807-xxxx - Yellow Great Chili Cookout 2010
Jim Warren - 508-615-xxxx - Green Bone
Kurt W - 978-855-xxxx - Orange DX Boss

Kenny Briand - White Glow
No Name - Orange Saint Louis DGC 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Finishing Touches on The General

Please note that this weekends work days will be condensed into Sunday only. 

Collectively, we have absolutely killed it during our last three work weekends. It really has been amazing to see so many people working together to build something special. Since the baskets are in and the course is getting a lot of play we would like to take care of some of the safety concerns before the ground is really frozen!

On Sunday, we would like to complete the following:

1 - Create a level walking path along hole 2s fairway
2 - Create a level walking path along hole 3s fairway
3 - Build solid steps mid fairway on hole 5
4 - Build solid steps mid fairway on hole 8
5 - Build solid steps down from 11s tee
6 - Create a better path from hole 8s basket to hole 9s tee

Does anyone have a bladed weed whacker? We need to weed whack a path up the following fairways 6/9/13/14

Lots of pole sawing to do all over the course.

Some small cutting on certain holes - 
Hole 9 we need to take out a small tree near the basket
We are going to cut all of the small stuff around hole 12s baskets within 30 feet

Brush dragging - EVERYWHERE (we should be doing this as we play our casual rounds as well)

Opening Event Scores on The General

On Sunday December 1st we ran a very loose tournament in which you played as many rounds as you wished and at your own leisure. We asked that you submit your scores on Facebook and while it turned out to be a pretty crappy day weather-wise we still got 17 people who submitted scores and at least another dozen or so people out there playing who didn't submit their scores..

Travis currently holds the official course record at a 62!

Travis Milem 62
Ned Eisenberg 64
Frank Strauss 65
John Buonsanto 65
Bradley Arnall 65
Bob Kulchuk 66 (dropped a 73 round)
Pete Nevius 66
Luke Adolph (dropped a 69 round)
Ken Gary 68
Bill Bertera 68
Taylor Maslowski 68
John Rodenhizer 68 (dropped a 75)
Phil Vilmorin 69
John Mucchiarone 69
Ken Marshall 70
Chris Mergemekes 73
Chuck (Tammaro?) 77
Ashley Tombey 79

We can run an official league round at some point over the winter because these scores will drop with drier weather!