Monday, December 2, 2013

Finishing Touches on The General

Please note that this weekends work days will be condensed into Sunday only. 

Collectively, we have absolutely killed it during our last three work weekends. It really has been amazing to see so many people working together to build something special. Since the baskets are in and the course is getting a lot of play we would like to take care of some of the safety concerns before the ground is really frozen!

On Sunday, we would like to complete the following:

1 - Create a level walking path along hole 2s fairway
2 - Create a level walking path along hole 3s fairway
3 - Build solid steps mid fairway on hole 5
4 - Build solid steps mid fairway on hole 8
5 - Build solid steps down from 11s tee
6 - Create a better path from hole 8s basket to hole 9s tee

Does anyone have a bladed weed whacker? We need to weed whack a path up the following fairways 6/9/13/14

Lots of pole sawing to do all over the course.

Some small cutting on certain holes - 
Hole 9 we need to take out a small tree near the basket
We are going to cut all of the small stuff around hole 12s baskets within 30 feet

Brush dragging - EVERYWHERE (we should be doing this as we play our casual rounds as well)