Monday, December 2, 2013

Opening Event Scores on The General

On Sunday December 1st we ran a very loose tournament in which you played as many rounds as you wished and at your own leisure. We asked that you submit your scores on Facebook and while it turned out to be a pretty crappy day weather-wise we still got 17 people who submitted scores and at least another dozen or so people out there playing who didn't submit their scores..

Travis currently holds the official course record at a 62!

Travis Milem 62
Ned Eisenberg 64
Frank Strauss 65
John Buonsanto 65
Bradley Arnall 65
Bob Kulchuk 66 (dropped a 73 round)
Pete Nevius 66
Luke Adolph (dropped a 69 round)
Ken Gary 68
Bill Bertera 68
Taylor Maslowski 68
John Rodenhizer 68 (dropped a 75)
Phil Vilmorin 69
John Mucchiarone 69
Ken Marshall 70
Chris Mergemekes 73
Chuck (Tammaro?) 77
Ashley Tombey 79

We can run an official league round at some point over the winter because these scores will drop with drier weather!