Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time to Establish Some Alternate Basket Positions!

Info from Ken:

We would like to establish some alternate hole configurations to add some variety to the course.  These alternate positions are currently marked on the course (orange ribbon on a stake) and we would like to solicit your opinions of the proposed new positions.  Please do not move the stakes, just give any opinions or recommendations. 

After we complete the ten weeks of PDGA league we would like to test these new positions for a week or so.  They will not be permanent and we will go back to the original positions after a week or so.   Plenty of notice will be posted before the change.

Alt Hole Descriptions:

Hole 1:  Pin moved to left on the path to Hole 18
Hole 2:  Pin moved back and right in alcove to left of path from Hole 2 to Hole 3
Hole 3:  Pin moved to straight down road before road turns left
Hole 4:  Pin moved about 30 ft right and back slightly
Hole 5:  Pin moved back and right about 30 ft
Hole 6:  Hole moved back down the road past Hole 7 path
Hole 7:  Use right fairway
Hole 8:  Move pin back and right 30 ft
Hole 9:  Move pin right down the road to end of straight sight line
Hole 10:  Move pin down and left on side hill
Hole 11: Move pin in line with right fairway below 12 tee
Hole 12:  Move pin further down fairway across road
Hole 13:  Tee from right of road straight look to pin
Hole 14:  Move tee up hill right of big rock
Hole 15:  Move pin straight back 30 ft to trees
Hole 16:  Move pin left and back. Open fairway.
Hole 17:  Move pin to right of rocks on top of hill by path to 18
Hole 18:  Pro tee

Looking forward to feedback.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Devens League is Going PDGA!

Starting on Wednesday, May 15th we will be running a PDGA league along with our normal league. You don't have to do anything extra or pay anything extra. We will be taking the 50 cents per player fee out of the $ that typically goes to the course.

If you are a current PDGA member you will get a rated round for each league rounds played during the 10 week period that this will run (ends mid July)

If you are not a PDGA member, that's OK too. You still play as usual. If you decide to join the PDGA, please let me know so I can get you credit for your rounds.

You can view the current registration list:

If your division or PDGA # is reported incorrectly, please let me know. If your name is not on this list, and you plan on playing please let me know. I can also just add your name in after the round is completed as well.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Workday - Monday May 6th

**** Call for Volunteers ****

All the recent use at Devens has clearly begun to wear out the stairs on 9 and 16. They need replacement. We are looking for a few volunteers to help. Josh + 3 will be there this Monday (5/6) at 5pm. If we get some more hands we can bang this out quickly. I have arranged for Rob to have materials on hand ready to go. We need a few more bodies. Who is in?

Design is 4' landscape timber drilled to place rebar inside the timber (no exposed re-bar). Need people/tools to set stair (shovel) and sink re-bar (sledge). I also want to place flat stone in front of the timber like we had on 9, so we may need a wheelbarrow to move some stone to 16.

Thanks to all our volunteers. Sorry for the short notice, but what I saw this week is that this cannot wait any longer.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Midweek Tournament?

This photo was taken last night. Looks like a tournament but its just another league night on the hill!
I overheard some really cool things last night. My favorite being:

"It's like a huge party every Wednesday!" 

Come on out and join the fun like Moe! Just try to be a little classier =)