Friday, May 3, 2013

Workday - Monday May 6th

**** Call for Volunteers ****

All the recent use at Devens has clearly begun to wear out the stairs on 9 and 16. They need replacement. We are looking for a few volunteers to help. Josh + 3 will be there this Monday (5/6) at 5pm. If we get some more hands we can bang this out quickly. I have arranged for Rob to have materials on hand ready to go. We need a few more bodies. Who is in?

Design is 4' landscape timber drilled to place rebar inside the timber (no exposed re-bar). Need people/tools to set stair (shovel) and sink re-bar (sledge). I also want to place flat stone in front of the timber like we had on 9, so we may need a wheelbarrow to move some stone to 16.

Thanks to all our volunteers. Sorry for the short notice, but what I saw this week is that this cannot wait any longer.