Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hill Yeah Spring Classic 2 is Just a Week Away!

Couple quick reminders about the tournament Next Sunday:

Sunday, April 6th, 2014
Devens DGC – The Hill - Devens, MA
NEFA Points Event (though you do not have to be a NEFA member to play)
TD: Luke Adolph

Two rounds of singles - stroke play, 72 golfers max
8:00am - Sign in
9:10am - Players meeting
9:30am - Shotgun start

Don't forget to sign up and pay for the $2 optional ace pot. Devens is an ace friendly course! Signup during registration hours only!

I'll have plenty of extra player pack discs which we are selling for $15.00. Dynamics Disc Suspect with a sweet tourney stamp! Please support Devens Disc Golf!

* All Pros are playing for a 1st place trophy & close to 100% cash payout within their division
* All AMs are playing for a 1st place trophy & funny money to Hawks Nest Disc Golf.
*Marc and Josh will open the store right after awards to help you spend your winnings, its located next to Devens Pizza right on Main street (behind hole 12 on The Hill or if driving take a right out of the Jackson/Main Street Gate and drive for a few seconds the store will be on your right).
*Vibram is sponsoring the NEFA points series and there will be a $25 Vibram Gift Certificate & Tshirt up for grabs along with a chance to win an awesome professional basket at the end of the year. This will all happen via a CTP Contest at lunch! Bring your Vibram discs and some $1s!
*We will be running a few fundraisers for the EDGE program. A CTP contest for some prizes and an auction for some sweet stone mini's!

Devens Pizza or another local sub/pizza shop will be taking orders during registration and will deliver during lunch. Cash only for lunch sales

* If you can't make it, let us know on or before end of the day on April 4th and you'll get a full refund.
* After that date you will only receive a 50% of your entry fee back.
* If you do not show on game day, you won't get anything back or get a player pack (even if you send an email or call that morning). Thank you for sponsoring the tournament!

There are 24 people on the waitlist right now (13 paid and 11 unpaid). Shockingly, I have not received a single drop from the event, but there is still a chance that you will get in if you are on the waitlist. If you must drop out, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so I can contact the next person on the list.

NEFA Membership:
Rick Williams will be there in the morning to take new NEFA registrations and renewals. Please take care of your membership during registration if you want the event to count towards your standings.

All details here

Contact Luke Adolph with any questions at 617-905-6574 (text or call) or email me at

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Devens Hawks Hosts Team Webster Tomorrow

Team Webster is back at Devens tomorrow (Saturday 3/29) looking for a little redemption. Last month Team Devens beat those Fish & Game guys pretty handily so I know they are hungry.   Now its the Hawks turn to lay the smack down!

Good luck to the good guys. Take down the win and end the season on a high note!

Here is a preview of Marc Duci finishing Aaron Kaczowka off..   The look on Aarons face is priceless. 

For those casual players. The Hill will be crowded but playable.

(Yes, I know that is an Osprey but it's still funny)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wednesday League - Week 3 Results and Standings

NEXT WEEK START TIME IS 4:45pm - For the first 72 players to register in person.

Super windy out there last night, holy cow! The scores were about 3 strokes higher on average (though some, like mine, were much worse than usual). Joe DeCarolis slammed hole 15 with a nice skip ace and earned the $99 ace pot. Nice shot, Joe!

My most sincere apologies to the C Pool guys. I completely neglected to announce winners of this pool and thus no one stayed around for the payout. Steve, Ric & Bill M are all owed $ and I have it set aside for next week. Again, sorry!

Top 3 A Pool:
T1 - Alex Gula - 55 - tag 1 - 4 points
T1 - Joe DeCarolis - 55 - tag 4 - 4 points
T3 - Donnie Phillips - 59 - tag 5 - 2 points
T3 - Frank Strauss - 59 - tag 6 - 2 points
T3 -  Cooper Arnold - 59 - tag 7 - 2 points

Top 3 B Pool:
1 - Nick Erickson - 61 - tag 14 - 4 points
2 - Aaron Stewart - 64 - tag 26 - 3 points
T3 - Bud McGarry - 68 - tag 35 - 2 points
T3 - Gator Holmes - 68 - tag 43 - 2 points
T3 - Tom Burrell - 68 - tag 44 - 2 points
T3 - Eric Lindgren - 68 - tag 45 - 2 points
T3 - Moe Ryan - 68 - tag 46 - 2 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1 - Steve Walker - 73 - tag 58 - 4 points
T2 - Ric Hamel - 76 - tag 62 - 3 points
T2 - Bill Marcin - 76 - tag 65 - 3 points

TOP 3 Women -
1 - Ashley Toomey - 72 - tag 53 - 4 points
2 - Fallon Enman - 76 - tag 61 - 3 points
3 - Kim Kreiser - 88 - tag 73 - 2 points

CTPs - Hole 3 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A - Drew Neumann
B/C/W - JD Killoran

Extra CTP for a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada - Hole 1 Cooper Arnold

ACES (worth additional point in standings):
None - Joe DeCarolis Hole 15 worth $ - Pot @ $0

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -
None - Too dark

Full Results:


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hill Yeah Spring Classic 2 is Coming Up Fast!

Wow, our first big tournament of 2014 is just two weeks away!

All of the pieces are falling into place and I hope we get some great weather and some low scores.

We will have CTP's on EVERY hole including some pretty valuable and unique stuff. A Dynamic Discs Commander bag is up for grabs for all Hole Sponsors, a 2014 membership to Maple Hill and a Midnight Buzzz (only 1,000 made!) are both up for grabs for all players. We also have a ton of other discs, some hats and some
t-shirts available to specific divisions.

For those of you on the wait list, unfortunately for you there has been no movement whatsoever since online reg sold out. Of course, there is usually some action shortly before the event and if there is any movement I will certainly let you know if you are able to get in.

Here are all of the tournament details.

Come on out for some practice at our Wednesday league.

I can't wait to see you all there!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday Weekly League #2


What a crazy night at league. Despite the cool weather, periods of sleet and an extremely early start time we nearly SOLD OUT! We had 68 players join us and we were just 4 people shy of a full house.  Absolutely incredible. We had some issues with daylight so we will stay with a 4:30 start next week. I really hadn't planned on having every hole occupied with 4somes on all but 4 holes and that slowed it down a little.

Couple new things going forward:

League has to be a first come first served. This includes only you showing up in person and signing in. If there is a potential sell out I don't think I can work with text/phone check ins. If you wanna play than you best just get there before 71 other people do. Once we sell 72 spots you are able to play The General for fun. Please also get to your starting hole by the specified time. Thank you all for your cooperation!

We have already sold 70 tags and have had 78 unique players so far. Average scores are WAY high but that's due to all of the newer players and some less than perfect playing conditions. We will whittle that average down soon.

Top 3 A Pool:
1 - Alex Gula - 53 - tag 1 - 4 points
2 - Bill Bertera - 54 - tag 2 - 3 points
t3 - Donnie Phillips - 55 - tag 3 - 2 points
t3 - Ken Gary - 55 - tag 4 - 2 points
t3 - Chris McLaughlin - 55 - no tag - 2 points

Top 3 B Pool:
1 - Bud McGarry - 55 - tag 5 - 4 points
2 - Peter Moran - 58 - tag 13 - 3 points
3 - Nick Erickson - 59 - tag 18 - 2 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1 - Ben Geddes - 69 - tag 50 - 4 points
2 - Avery Sartelle - 70 - tag 53 - 3 points
3 - Sean Coyne - 71 - tag 54 - 2 points

TOP 3 Women -
1 - Ashley Toomey - 67 - tag 44 - 4 points
2 - Fallon Enman - 71 - tag 55 - 3 points
3 - Kat Gray - 78 - tag 63 - 2 points

CTPs - Hole 2 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A -Andy Allen
B/C/W - Peter Moran

ACES (worth additional point in standings):
None - Pot @ $74

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -
None - Too dark

Full Results:


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week One of League is in the Books!


What a way to start the 2014 season off. Crap weather but some really great spirit out there and a grand total of 50 warriors played. 46 of which bought tags along with another 3 who bought tags but could not play.

Here's a little history lesson, Last year we started the league with a beautiful afternoon and had 40 people come out,  the year before we had 27 people on the first day. I'd say we are growing at a good pace and I wouldn't be surprised to have a few sellouts this year. Hope to see you out there next week and hope I will have some of the rust scrapped off by then =)

Top 3 A Pool:
1 - Ned Eisenber - 53 - tag 1 - 4 points
t2 - John Buonsanto - 55 - tag 2 - 3 points
t2 - Aaron Little - 55 - tag 3 - 3 points
t2 - Alex Gula - 55 - tag 4 - 3 points

Top 3 B Pool:
1 -  Ed Legenza - 58 - tag 13 - 4 points
t2 - Tom Burrell - 61 - tag 20 - 3 points
t2 - Sam Misuraca - 61 - tag 21 - 3 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1 - Avery Sartelle - 65 - tag 27 - 4 points
2 - JD Killoran - 72 - - tag 36 - 3 points
t3 - Tim Seiger - 74 - tag 38 - 2 points
t3 - Dan Conners - 74 - tag 39 - 2 points

TOP 3 Women -
1 - Ashley Toomey - 69 - tag 34 - 4 points
2 - Jacki Bogan - 78 - tag 45 - 3 points
3 - Kim Krieser - 88 - tag 46 - 2 points

CTPs - Hole 1 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A -None, Sorry I forgot to put the flags out. $ Went into Ace Pot
B/C/W - Sorry I forgot to put the flags out. $ Went into Ace Pot

ACES (worth additional point in standings):
None - Pot @ $40

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -
None - Too dark and rainy

Full Results:


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hawks Nest Disc Golf Opens Today!

Today is another big day in Devens DGC history. At 1pm Marc and Josh will open the brand new Hawks Nest Disc Golf shop just on the other side of the fence near The Hills hole 12 and The Generals hole 11.

210 West Main Street in Ayer.

Get on out there and show these guys your support!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wednesday Weekly League Returns March 12th!

The Wednesday Weekly returns on March 12th. Come get your 2014 bag tag and be ready to tee off by 4:15PM. This was once again the most popular singles league in Massachusetts last year (nearly 1,500 golfers came out) and I am aiming to make it bigger and better this year so come join the fun.

We use league as our primary fundraiser to help pay our yearly insurance bill. We make it fun for all, so don't worry that you have to be an all-star to have a good time. We group players into four groups based on skill/gender, so you'll always be competing with someone about as good as you.

• Four player pools (A pool for players who average 58 and under, B pool for players who average between 59-68, C pool for players who average 69+ and a women’s pool).
• A weekly cash payout, a cash CTP for each pool, an ace pot and a season long points event. Lots of raffle prizes at end of the year including some big ticket items.
• Buying a tag saves you $2/week. Visiting non-taggers can still play and get in on the cash payout but can't compete for a tag.
• You must be a tag holder to collect the ace pot
• Wednesdays, starting March 12th
• Be ready to go at 4:15pm. Time will move up to 5:30pm according to sunset.
• Initial cost: $20 for 2014 tag
• We will do a skills challenge at the end of the night as soon as daylight allows

Weekly cost
• Tagholder: $5 -
$2 payout, $1 course funds, $.50 CTP, $.50 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout.

• Non-Tagholder: $7 -
$2 payout, $3 course funds, $.50 CTP, $.50 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout

• No handicaps.
• One round of singles
• If you leave before tags are redistributed, get someone to grab it for you or risk us losing it.
• Tags are in play for casual rounds and tournaments. Higher tag can challenge a lower tag and under most circumstances, lower tag must accept.
• Ace pot rolls over each week. If there are no aces for 2014, half goes to the course maintenance/insurance fund and half goes to the 2015 WW ace pot.
• Two CTPs, one for A pool and one for B/C/W pools.
• There will be an improved year-end Bag Tag Bonanza to end the season.
• Lots of raffle prizes at the Bag Tag Bonanza. Earn raffle tickets by attending league, hitting an ace, winning the nightly CTP or winning the nightly skills challenge. The more you play the better your chances of winning are!

Points Series Rules
• I will track points for each player & post the up to date standings on this discussion thread
• A, B, C & W Pools will have separate standings
• 1st place in each pool gets 4 points
• 2nd place in each pool gets 3 points
• 3rd place in each pool gets 2 points
• Everyone else gets 1 point for playing
• If you move up a division at any point in the division 95%-60% of your accumulated points will travel with you to the new pool. Percentage is lowed as we go through the season. If you move down, full points are moved.
• Top 3 (or more) in points will win a cash prize at the end of the season.
• Other ways to gain a point - hit an ace/win the nightly CTP/win the skills challenge

PDGA Round Ratings
Beginning in May we will do 10 weeks of PDGA rated league rounds. Your league round will count towards your PDGA rating (if you are a current PDGA member). If you are a new member make sure you get me your member #