2017 Wednesday League

Wednesday Weekly league is done for the season! Thanks for another good year. Tag holders can join us on October 28th at the Bag Tag Bonanza .

Introducing the 2017 League Season Pass!

Courses are closed to casual play on Wednesday evenings from March 22nd to October 18th. League play will occupy the courses, join us!

Ace Pot: 
pot #1 starting at $34


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If dropbox links don't work for you try this: https://we.tl/plXP0I2XRd

2016 Standings & Averages

Handicaps - 
We will use a static handicap of 6 for B, C & D pools and a static handicap of 5 for A pool.this year.

League Basics (Prelim 2017 Structure):
The Wednesday Weekly returns on March 22nd. Come get your 2017 bag tag and be signed in and ready to go by 4:15pm (11 groups or 4:00pm is the cutoff for The General). This was once again the most popular league in New England last year (2,213 golfers came out) and we are aiming to improve league again this year so come join the fun.  We are working behind the scenes to improve the automated system and add a few more options and bonuses into the league.

• Wednesdays, starting March 22nd
• Initial cost: $20 for a 2017 tag.

• You can purchase a season pass with a tag for $150 until February 27th.  

• Four player pools (A/B/C/D) – Your pool placement will be based on your average score.
Anything under 56.99 and under = A Pool
57 through 62.99 = B Pool
63 through 69.99 = C pool
Anything 70 and over = D Pool
These #'s are for scores on The Hill (standard baskets)

• A weekly divisional cash payout, an ace pot (capped at $250, will roll over to additional pots if needed.) and a season long points event. Lots of raffle prizes at end of the year including some big-ticket items. You can pick up your winnings that night or bank winnings for the payment at the end of the year.

• Players opting to play on The General will receive a handicap. The handicap will be based on last two years of data with over 4,000+ rounds considered.

• 31 weeks of league play (last day is Wednesday October 18th)


• One round of singles

• If you leave before tags are redistributed, get someone to grab it for you or risk us losing it. Alternatively, you can grab the highest #'s tag available on the board before you leave.

• Tags are in play for casual rounds and tournaments. Higher tag can challenge a lower tag and under most circumstances, lower tag must accept.

• The auto generated hole assignments are an integral part of keeping league running on time. Please report to your assigned hole at the appropriate time.

• If there are no aces for 2017, we will throw off for it at the Bonanza.

• There will be a year-end Bag Tag Bonanza to end the season. For tag holders only! Date is Saturday October 28th.

• Lots of raffle prizes at the Bag Tag Bonanza. Earn raffle tickets by attending league, hitting an ace. The more you play the better your chances of winning are!

Weekly base cost

• Tagholder: $5 -
$2.25 payout, $1 course funds, $.75 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout.

• Non-Tagholder: $7 -
$2.25 payout, $3 course funds, $.75 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout

Players without a tag aren’t eligible to win the full ace pot, won’t earn raffle entries and cannot attend the Bag Tag Bonanza.

Women’s entry is always $5.00 though same restrictions apply on ace pot, bonanza for non tagholders.

Prepaid Season Cost

• $150 which includes a 2017 tag and prepaid entry to all 31 Wednesday League nights. 5 weeks of savings if you attend every week.

Optional Pots

• $1 handicap pot league wide* (1 or 2 winners per night, depending on # of entrants)
• $10 high stakes pot (1 or 2 winners per night, depending on # of entrants)
   *take the average of your best 3 rounds out of the last 6, subtract 54 and multiply by .8

You can pick up your winnings that night or bank winnings for the payment at the end of the year for each of these pots.

Points Series Rules
• We will track points for each player & post the up to date standings on this discussion thread
• A, B, C & D Pools will have separate standings
• 1st place in A/B/C/D pool gets 5 points and $
• 2nd place in A/B/C/D pool gets 4 points and $
• 3rd place in A/B/C/D pool gets 3 points and $
• 4th place in A/B/C/D pool gets 2 points and $
• 5th place in A/B/C/D pool gets 1 point and $
(These places are based on a minimum of 10 participants in the division. In general, we will pay out 1 place for 5 or less players, 3 places  for 6-9 players and 5 places for 10+ players)

• Everyone gets 1 point for playing (you can accumulate up to 25 attendance points)
• If you move up a division after week 6 you will bring a percentage of the points earned in the lower pool. Percentage ranges.
• Top 3 point earners in each division (or more) will win a cash prize at the end of the season. 
• Other ways to gain a point - hit an ace