Thursday, October 31, 2013

Courses Named!

So since we will have two full 18 hole courses on site we wanted to give each one an individual name.

I'm excited to announce that the original course will be known as "The Hill" (shock!) and the new course will be known as 'The General".

Reminder that there is another work weekend going on 11/16 - 17. We are looking to finish cutting the last 3 1/2 fairways and then doing lots of other projects on some of the already completed holes.

Some of us are getting together on Sunday morning 9am (11/3) to start some stair work, please join us!

Team Devens Hosts Team Bellamy on Saturday 11/2

Team Devens is set to take on a fantastic team from Bellamy Park in Dover, NH this Saturday! Last year, we played them at their home course to start our season and we managed a come from behind 1 point victory! They have added some really great players but so did we. I'm expecting a fierce match and I cannot wait to get started.

Course will be open for casual play but pretty crowded. It's probably a good idea to play the 14 holes of the new course on Saturday if you are coming out. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Team Devens 2 Hosted Borderland for their Inaugural Match

This past Sunday Team Devens 2 hosted the very strong Team Borderland in their very first team challenge match. Unfortunately, the end result was a loss but the local boys did put some decent points up on the board with lots of other very close matches! Keep at it guys!!

Congrats to Marc D, Dean O & Moe R for winning their singles matches and Chris/Aaron, Josh/Joe & Dean/Dave (they pushed) for winning their doubles matches!!

I read on the discussion boards that you guys put out a fantastic food spread, they were talking like "best ever" kind of stuff and they have been playing Team Challenge for a long time!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Team Devens Beats the Borderland Bombers!

Yesterday Team Devens traveled to Borderland State Park to take on the Bombers. These guys are pretty tough and went 6-1 last year. They beefed up their team in the off season so I definitely had some concerns.  Team Devens takes the win and we start the season 1-0 marking our 6th straight one on one match victory!  We had a blast playing against the Bombers and we wish them the best of luck with thei rest of their season.

Here are the results:

Laura Castanon Lee Marshall 2-1 B
Chris Gortze Pete Nevius 5-4 B
Jon Gerry Bill Bertera 3-2 B
Kevin Fanning Taylor Maslowski 2-1 D
Kidd Steglemann Jaybob Johnson 5-4 B
Manny Trujillo Travis Milem 4-3 D
Sean Mccabe John Buonsanto 4-2 D
Ira Divoll John Hart 1up D
Ben Kirby Ned Eisenberg 5-4 B
Mark Steglemann Andy Duquette 4-3 D
Pete Violet Alex gula 5-4D
Mike Rogan Bob Kulchuk 5-4D
Felix Rentschler Donnie Phillips 6-4B
Mike Dussault Frank Strauss 1up D

Devens 8-6

Borderland Devens
Kidd / Laura 65 Bob k /Lee 68 B
Chris /Chad 68 Ned /Taylor 60 D
Ira/ Pete 63 Donnie / Travis 64 B
Mark S / Kevin 64 John H / Jaybob 64 Split
Felix / Manny 64 Luke /Andy 61 D
Mike D / jon 64 Jon B / Alex 58 D
Mike R /sean 67 Frank / Pete 61 D

Devens 9-5
Devens wins 17-11

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yay for Team Challenge Season!!

It's that time of the year again and this year we have two teams representing the home course! Both teams kick of their season this weekend.

Team Devens will take on the Borderland Bombers at their home course on Saturday and Team Devens 2 will host Team Borderland @ Devens on Sunday.

You can follow all of the team challenge results and discussion here:

Good luck teams!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Successful Work Weekend!

Wow!  We had our second work weekend and with all of the people we are getting to help out the course is getting cut very fast. On Saturday, we cut out holes 5, 6, 7 & 8 and on Sunday we cut out holes 9, 10 & part of 11. That leaves only 3.5 holes left to clear!

We will see you in November to blaze through holes 12, 13, 14 & finish 11!

There will be lots of other projects to do such as stairs, paths, polesawing, weed whacking so don't worry we won't be bored at all this winter. Tee's are going in next year.

Here are some pictures from this weekend 

Our basket sponsorship program is going very well, we only have 4 baskets left that need a home. This basically means that we should be playing with chains pretty soon! Check here for more details on the basket sponsorship program.

I'll post  a complete walking guide to the course as it is now as soon as possible.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Course Work This Weekend!

Hello Devens Disc Golf Players.  Another work weekend has arrived – Oct. 19/20.  We will be clearing holes 5-10 this weekend.  We will meet in the parking lot at 9 am to start each day.  Bring the following if you can:
- Chainsaws (TM will not be with us this weekend, so we could use all others)
- Weedwacker for low brush clearing
- Polesaws
- Handsaws
- Gloves for all carrying materials from fairways
- Rake/shovel for tee box clearing/leveling
Holes 5-10 are located in the far corner away from the course entrance.  To get there we will drive the outer road past current hole 12.  Either take a right at the path before the condo or continue.  If walking, go past current hole 6 like you were going to hole 7 but continue straight down that path.  Hole 5 is straight.  Hole 10 is left at the fork. Holes 6-9 are right of hole 10.  Listen and you will find the work crew.
We will begin work each day at 9am and work until a lunch break around noon. Lunch will be pizza/soda/water (BYO Beer) provided by Devens DGC. We will also have some water/gatoraid for during the day as well. We will resume work after lunch and work until around 5pm.
A few notes:
- Please cut everything LOW TO THE GROUND. I know it’s a little more difficult but its better than having to cut twice or having someone trip and get impaled.
- We will be looking to border walkways between holes using the thinner trees we cut.
- Cut material wants to be dragged well off the fairways and left in a natural deadfall state. We are not looking to create large deadfall piles. No burning allowed.
- We may collect some cuttings into road accessible areas for later chipping – use around green and walkways.
- The fairways are marked with orange flags/tape. We are cutting inside of the flags with the exception of trees with orange tape. Most anything outside the flags will stay unless directed otherwise. If it’s questionable, ask Ken or Luke.
- We will try to create level areas for tees, all natural for now.
We plan on installing bucket targets and having 14 holes "playable" by the end of the weekend.
Ken can be reached at 781-526-5080 (text or call)
Luke can be reached at 617-905-6574 (text or call)
Remember, hole sponsorships are $400 and can be shared by up to 4 people.  See Luke or Ken for info.
Again, thank you!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thrill on the Hill is in the Books

Thank you all for coming out to the Thrill on the Hill 2!

I hope that everyone had a great day. I am really bummed that I wasn’t able to stay later than the players meeting but I am extremely grateful to my Team Devens teammates who pitched in to make this day great!

Looks like Alex and Frank tied the doubles course record with a 44, nice!

We had a $5 ace pot and 59 out of 72 people put in and the pot was $295!!  Unfortunately, no one hit the darn thing and we had to do a throw off for the pot. I believe the winners of the throw off were:

John Giampapa
Donnie Phillips
Josh Gibson


1- 44/46 – 90 – Alex Gula/Frank Strauss $160.00
2- 45/46 – 91 – Pete Nevius/Alan MacLean $100
3- 47/46 – 93 – Andy Duquette/JayBob Johnson $60
4- 47/47 – 94 – Ken Gary/Dave Richardson $15
5- 49/45 – 94 – Matt Talbot/Kary Buckley $15
6- 49/46 – 95 – Ned Eisenberg/John Buonsanto
7- 48/47 – 95 – Dave James/Bob Kulchuk
8- 48/47 – 95 – Donnie Phillips/John Borelli
9- 50/47 – 97 – Andrew Ross/Nick Ligouri 
10- 48/52 – 100 – Dave Hickson/Gage Benson
11- 47/54 – 101 – Adam Stearns/Andy Allen
12- 48/53 – 101 – Jaxon Sheehy/Pete Violet
13- 51/51 – 102 – John Giampapa/Bobby Baker
14- 50/52 – 102 – Rob Breckenridge/Drew Smith
15- 49/54 – 103 – Josh St. Denis/Dean Onners
16- 51/56 – 107 – Josh Gibson/Matt Sroka

AM1 –
1- 46/47 – 93 – Marc Duci/Aaron Kaczowka
2- 49/50 – 99 –  Aaron Stewart/Taylow Maslowski
3- 53/55 – 108 – Chuck Tammaro/Doug Callaghan

AM2 –
1- 50/51 – 101 – Keith Enger/Joe Collins
2- 51/51 – 102 – Nick Catano/Tom Leo
3- 51/52 – 103 – Bill Corr/Adam Stander
4- 51/55 – 106 – Moe Ryan/John McGarry
5- 55/53 – 108 – Tom Burrell/Art Blanchard
6- 55/54 – 109 – Mike Rogan/Sean McCabe
7- 56/54 – 110 –  Bernie Kuszweski/Michael Morin
8- 56/55 – 111 – Brian Wilson/Jef Donovan
9- 56/56 – 112 – Eric Wilson/Matt Morris
10- 59/56 – 115 – Evan Marcyoniak/Randy Burlingame

1- 49/53 – 102 – Mike Connell/Jim Bobka
2- 56/58 – 114 – Rob Walker/Steve Walker

1-  55/51 – 106 – Nick Ceja/Fallon Enman
2- 57/54 – 111 – Mark Dombek/Jill Curtis
3- 55/58 – 113 – Matt Oleski/Alicia Turcott
4- 56/61 – 117 – Wallace Holmes/Jackie Bogan

1- 58/58 – 116 – Eric Prouty/Chris Greiner

Killer B Speed Challenge Results:

1- Pete Nevius – Actual Time 2:49 – 2 under par = 30 second bonus / 2:19
2- Donnie Phillips – Actual Time 2:59 – 1 over par = 15 second penalty / 3:14
3- Pete Violet – Actual Time 2:58 – 3 over par = 45 second penalty / 3:43
4- John Borelli – Actual Time 3:51 – even par = no penalty / 3:51
5- Rob Walker – Actual Time 4:24 – 1 over par = 15 second penalty / 4:39

CTP Prizes:

Monster Energy Jacket – Gage Benson
Discraft Towel – Marc Duci
Discraft Towel – Chris Greiner or Eric Prouty
Ti Force – Jaxon Sheehy
King of the Hill Valkyrie – Adam Stander
White Discraft Hat – Pete Nevius
Mini Pack – Gator Holmes
Mini Pack – Andy Duquette
Mini Pack – Marc Duci
Mini Pack – Bill Corr
Red Shut up and Throw Tshirt – Mike Connell or Jim Bobka
Lazy Frog Beverage Koozi – Rob Breckenridge

Thursday, October 10, 2013

League Results: 10/9

Well, thank you to our very dedicated players for an amazing 2013 league!

The growth at our course has been tremendous over the past few years and this year seemed like an explosion! The participation from our players in league, workdays & tournaments is UNMATCHED in this area and I am very proud to be a part of it and you should be as well!

As usual we have our sights set on bigger and better things for 2014!

Please mark November 9th on your calendar for our annual bag tag bonanza tournament. 

I'll have some pretty detailed stats in a few weeks or less but here is a couple quick standouts:

1,473 players walked through the doors for league
Avg score was 62.8 (i'll do avgs for men/women soon)
31 weeks / avg players per night was 47.5. Our lowest was 39 aside from the 2nd week when a foot of snow fell (24)
13 ACES!
92.5 THOUSAND shots!

OH! Alex Gula shot the OFFICIAL course record last night with a 47. There are some 46s out there but the lowest league/tournament round was a 48, I think! Way to end the year, Alex!

Congrats also to Sam Misuraca, Gator Holmes & Dean Onners who each made it to all 31 weeks!!!  Sam actually hasn't missed a league in 2 years, wow!

Top 3 A Pool:
1 - Alex Gula - 47 - tag 1 - 4 points
t2 - Frank Strauss - 52 - tag 2 - 3 points
t2 - Andy Duquette - 52 - tag 3 - 3 points

Top 3 B Pool:
1 - Bud McGarry - 57 - tag 21 - 4 points
2 - Moe Ryan - 61 - tag 46 - 3 points
3 - Art Blanchard - 62 - tag 47 - 2 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1 - Scott Wilson - 60 - tag 44 - 4 points
2 - Tom Burrell - 65 - tag 65 - 3 points
3 - Tim Seiger - 69 - tag 74 - 2 points

TOP 3 Women -
1 - Ashley Jollimore - 75 - no tag - 4 points
2 - Jacki Bogan - 79 - tag 86 - 3 points
3 - Kelly Lavoi - 92 - no tag - 2 points

CTPS Hole 13 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A - Dan Nakamoto
B/C/W - Aaron Stewart

ACES (worth additional point in standings):
None - Pot at $100

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -

Full Results:


Monday, October 7, 2013

New Course: Basket Sponsorships

Devens Players,
Work on our new course is progressing well with 8 holes roughed in during our work weekend in September.  If we can sustain this current participation, I anticipate that we will have all 18 holes roughed in by our November work weekend and be ready to place baskets in the ground during our December work days at the latest.
So it’s time to talk fundraising for baskets.  Thanks to the great participation we have at league, including bag tag purchases and the donations of players to the donation tube at the entrance to the course we will be able to pay next year’s fees and insurance as well as tees and signs for the new 18 holes from those funds.  Therefore we will focus fundraising to complete the course on basket purchase.  We will do this through a basket sponsorship program.  Here are the details:
Basket Sponsorship:
            Cost: $400 per basket
            What is included:  1 basket, extra sleeve, sign recognition of sponsor(s).
Do I get anything for Sponsorship?: Sponsors name(s) will be included on signage for that hole, either a separate sign or inclusion on the Hole info sign.
What baskets are being considered: Always a controversial decision, but as of now we plan to install the new 28 chain Innova DISCatcher Pro.
How many people can co-sponsor:  Up to four (4) people can pool funds for each basket.
Who do I pay?:  Payment of the entire amount can be made by cash or check (made out to Kenneth Gary).
Can I choose a hole?:  After all 18 holes are complete, sponsors may choose what hole they would like to sponsor of a first come (payment received), first choice basis. 

When do you need payment?: We will start accepting payments at league, October 9th.  Remember, first to pay will receive first choice of hole.

Thrill on the Hill Doubles Tournament This Sunday!

Yes, it's almost tournament weekend!!!

Here is all the tournament info you need, please let me know if you have any other questions

Reminder: Main Course Closed This Sunday October 13th

FYI - The main 18 hole course will be closed this weekend due to the "Thrill on the Hill" Doubles tournament going on. The tournament and closure will run until about 6pm at the latest.

You are welcome to play the 8 holes we have cut out of the the new course.

You can find more info about the new course here:

Please enter the new course via hole 1 of the main course and take a right at the end of the green fence. Then just follow the path below holes 2, 3 and 4 of the main course. Please be aware of tournament play during your walk up to the new course.

You can also choose to go play Coggshall Park in Fitchburg as well:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ned Eisenberg Wins NEDGC!

What a great day for Devens DGC and our players!

Today was the culminating event for the Nefa points season and our very own Ned Eisenberg takes down the AM side. Well done, dude!

The finals were played at Hyland Brewery and Orchard in Sturbidge, MA and I hear that Frank tied for 3rd as well

Next up is crushing the team challenge season!

Taylor Maslowski Wins the USDGC Performance Flight Open!

HUGE congrats go out to Taylor Maz who just wrapped up a win at the 2013 United States Disc Golf Championship - Performance Flight.

The tournament is played on the famed Wintrop Gold Course in Rock Hill, SC.

A nice write us from the USDGC Website:

He started the week in about 20th place and played better every round to move up the leaderboard. Taylor started the final day 2 strokes behind the leader and had a breakout day which gave him the win by 6!

Here is a little bit about the tournament:

This year, the USDGC is made up of two distinct flights. Open Flight competitors will play using traditional scoring, while Performance Flight competitors will use Performance Scoring; and a Champion will be crowned in both flights.
What is Performance Scoring? Unlike typical stroke-play, Performance Scoring allows players of varying skill levels to compete on an equal basis. Using a unique set of calculations, each player is assigned a “Projected Score” based on their skill level and the layout and difficulty of the course.
Ranking is determined by comparing the “Performance” of each player - which indicates how a player’s actual score compared to their projected score (under, over, or even).
In order to facilitate live scoring, each projected score has been broken down into hole-by-hole ‘Personal Pars’ for each player, which depending upon the player's skill level could be higher or lower than the hole’s actual par.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Do List for New Course

Lots of people have asked what they can do to help out with the new course! Our next workdays are scheduled for October 19-20 but in the meantime I have posted a list of things that need to get done on the current 8 hole loop (1-4, 15-18).

When a task is completed please let me know so I can take it off the list. email or text me 617-905-6574. I'll keep the list in the New Course page.

League Results: 10/2


We had 51 players last night, shockingly high! Our average for the year is something like 47.8 players per day. I'll run as many stats as I can after the league has ended.

Our end of the year bag tag bonanza is set for November 9th. I'll have some more details about that after next week but set the day aside as it should be a fun day! I think we are going to do 1 regular league round in the morning and then crown the points winners and do the daily payouts during lunch. (Which will be provided by Devens!) 2nd round will be a birdie race for an additional $5 buy in. Keep it in our usual pools and pay out top few as usual.

Point races are as follows:

A Pool -
Frank and Ned are guaranteed 1st and 2nd place. Ned could potentially come back and take first if Frank misses next week or the bonanza and he shoots well. If Frank shows up to both final rounds and places at all he would get the win
3rd place is currently owned by Donnie but he could potentially be caught by Alex or John Bon. Very long shots to catch third are Luke, Marc & Dean

B Pool -
Dave Mullett and Art Blanchard are guaranteed 1st and 2nd place but they are only a point apart so its anyone's game there. Art has been playing hot lately!
Third place is currently owned by Bud but Gator is right behind him. Moe is a few points behind in the race but he could potentially make the comeback.

C Pool -
Tom Burrell and Scott Wilson are guaranteed 1st and 2nd place but they are only a point apart so its anyone's game there too. Tim has 3rd place locked up.

Womens Pool -
Jacki Bogan and Fallon Enman have 1st and 2nd locked up but they are only 4 points apart. If Jackie shows up next week and to the bonanza and places at all she should have 1st in the bag. Ashley, Christine and Lee are all really close together for 3rd place.

Lots of Personal Bests out there yesterday. Art with his 53 and Gator shot a 58! Nice shooting, guys!

We are selling Devens Tshirts for $20 and Hill Yeah Spring Classic Tournament Buzzzes for $15. Please support Devens Disc Golf & the sport in general. All funding is going directly to our new course!!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the new donation pipe, everyone has been very generous so far and each donation brings us closer to our future goals!

Top 3 A Pool:
1 - Alex Gula - 49 - tag 1 - 4 points
T2 - Frank Strauss - 53 - tag 3 - 3 points
T2 - Adam Stearns - 53 - tag 5 - 3 points
T2 - Andy Duquette - 53 - tag 10 - 3 points

Top 3 B Pool:
1 - Art Blanchard - 53 - tag 4 - 4 points
2 - Drew Neumann - 55 - tag 17 - 3 points
3 - Adam Stander - 56 - tag 23 - 2 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1 - Tom Burrell - 62 - tag 56 - 4 points
2 - Tim Seiger - 63 - tag 58 - 3 points
3 - Nat Fairbanks - 67 - tag 74 - 2 points

TOP 3 Women -
1 - Fallon Enman - 70 - tag 78 - 4 points
2 - Jacki Bogan - 80 - tag 86 - 3 points
3 - Kelly Lavoie - 95 - no tag - 2 points

CTPS Hole 12 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A - Joe DeCarolis
B/C/W - Gator Holmes

ACES (worth additional point in standings):
None - Pot at $45

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -

Full Results:


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Taylor Maslowski is down in South Carolina this week competing in the USDGC Performance Flight.

You can follow Taylors scores

Bring that win home to Devens, Taylor!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Workdays Were a HUGE Success!

Our goal for this past weekend was pretty ambitious! We wanted to cut the fairways on 5 holes and sink the bucket targets on those 5. Thanks to the help of over 30 different people (some of whom came both days!) we crushed those 5 holes and cleared an additional 3 fairways. We also created some sweet temp tee boxes and put some logs in place to prevent future erosion.

As it stands right now, holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 16, 17 & 18 are completely playable and a ton of fun! We will be tweaking small things over the next few weeks but we are extremely happy with how these turned out. 

NEXT WORK WEEKEND IS OCTOBER 19 & 20. Please set the date aside to help out again!

You can check the holes out yourself if you want! All of the cleared holes are par 3. 

Hole 1 begins next to hole 4 of the existing course. A new path has been cleared to this area by taking that right turn after the green fence on existing hole 1. Follow the raked path across the road on existing hole 3 and then up the hill behind existing hole 3s basket. The path to new hole 1 begins just to the right of existing hole 4s tee pad.  Its a relatively long walk to hole 1 but it is going to be worth it! 

Directional bricks are in place by the bucket targets on each hole and we tied trees with some ribbons to help follow the paths.

Hole 1 is a straight tunnel shot about 350, very slightly downhill
path to hole 2 is up the hill to the left of 1s bucket
Hole 2 is a 200 foot shot over a tricky gully. A few guardian trees to keep things interesting. Go long and you have a tricky comebacker and come up short for a tricky uphill putt. 
Path to hole 3 is down hill to the right
Hole 3 is a 280 foot lefty hyzer delight! Don't go long!
Path to hole 4 is just to the left of 3s bucket. Up the small hill and down the road a bit. Entrance is across road on the left. 
Hole 4 plays up a hill that drops off on the left. I think its about a 350 foot hole but that first shot needs to be placed well in order to get the 3. Any drives that come up short of the landing zone are in trouble!
Path to hole 15 plays up the road to the left. 
Hole 15 is a tight (maybe 280 uphill a bit) shot off the tee but if you can stay just to the right of the big tree but not too far over you could be left with a shot at birdie. Hit that tree and a 4 or worse is likely.
Path to hole 16 is sort of in line with the basket as you approach. 
Hole 16 is a short birdie hole (150ish)  BUTTTT Lay up and make your putt to get the two. Real easy to go long and it would be a fight to save a 3. Too short creates a daunting putt as well.
Path to hole 17 is just down the hill and up the road a bit. 
Hole 17 plays up the road for a bit then takes a left turn into the cleared area. Some guardian trees early. Basket is about 150 from the cleared left turn. Total length is around 300
Path to Hole 18 is to the left of the basket. Follow a winding path that is already slightly beaten in! 
Hole 18 has 2 fairways. A lefty hyzer or a righty hzyer. Pick your lane and the basket is down the hill hidden behind the trees in the middle. 220ish either lane.

Hole 1 - Before and After:

Hole 2 - Before and After:

Hole 3 - Before and After:

Hole 17 tee - Before and After:

Hole 17 approach - Before and After:

Hole 18 - Before and After:

Hole 4  - After:

Hole 15 - After:

Hole 16 - After:

Some video of the day as well!