Thursday, October 3, 2013

League Results: 10/2


We had 51 players last night, shockingly high! Our average for the year is something like 47.8 players per day. I'll run as many stats as I can after the league has ended.

Our end of the year bag tag bonanza is set for November 9th. I'll have some more details about that after next week but set the day aside as it should be a fun day! I think we are going to do 1 regular league round in the morning and then crown the points winners and do the daily payouts during lunch. (Which will be provided by Devens!) 2nd round will be a birdie race for an additional $5 buy in. Keep it in our usual pools and pay out top few as usual.

Point races are as follows:

A Pool -
Frank and Ned are guaranteed 1st and 2nd place. Ned could potentially come back and take first if Frank misses next week or the bonanza and he shoots well. If Frank shows up to both final rounds and places at all he would get the win
3rd place is currently owned by Donnie but he could potentially be caught by Alex or John Bon. Very long shots to catch third are Luke, Marc & Dean

B Pool -
Dave Mullett and Art Blanchard are guaranteed 1st and 2nd place but they are only a point apart so its anyone's game there. Art has been playing hot lately!
Third place is currently owned by Bud but Gator is right behind him. Moe is a few points behind in the race but he could potentially make the comeback.

C Pool -
Tom Burrell and Scott Wilson are guaranteed 1st and 2nd place but they are only a point apart so its anyone's game there too. Tim has 3rd place locked up.

Womens Pool -
Jacki Bogan and Fallon Enman have 1st and 2nd locked up but they are only 4 points apart. If Jackie shows up next week and to the bonanza and places at all she should have 1st in the bag. Ashley, Christine and Lee are all really close together for 3rd place.

Lots of Personal Bests out there yesterday. Art with his 53 and Gator shot a 58! Nice shooting, guys!

We are selling Devens Tshirts for $20 and Hill Yeah Spring Classic Tournament Buzzzes for $15. Please support Devens Disc Golf & the sport in general. All funding is going directly to our new course!!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the new donation pipe, everyone has been very generous so far and each donation brings us closer to our future goals!

Top 3 A Pool:
1 - Alex Gula - 49 - tag 1 - 4 points
T2 - Frank Strauss - 53 - tag 3 - 3 points
T2 - Adam Stearns - 53 - tag 5 - 3 points
T2 - Andy Duquette - 53 - tag 10 - 3 points

Top 3 B Pool:
1 - Art Blanchard - 53 - tag 4 - 4 points
2 - Drew Neumann - 55 - tag 17 - 3 points
3 - Adam Stander - 56 - tag 23 - 2 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1 - Tom Burrell - 62 - tag 56 - 4 points
2 - Tim Seiger - 63 - tag 58 - 3 points
3 - Nat Fairbanks - 67 - tag 74 - 2 points

TOP 3 Women -
1 - Fallon Enman - 70 - tag 78 - 4 points
2 - Jacki Bogan - 80 - tag 86 - 3 points
3 - Kelly Lavoie - 95 - no tag - 2 points

CTPS Hole 12 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A - Joe DeCarolis
B/C/W - Gator Holmes

ACES (worth additional point in standings):
None - Pot at $45

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -

Full Results: