Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Workdays This Weekend - Installing Alt Basket Sleeves

Who wants to build a new disc golf course at Devens?

Well here is your opportunity to help. It may not be a whole new course, but we are planning to install alternate pin positions for all 18 holes on The Hill in time to use them for Hill Yeah 2017 (or sooner). This weekend we begin.

Digging holes and installing new sleeves is a relatively quick process. We need a few volunteers to help this Saturday or Sunday (we will work both days). Even if you are playing Team Challenge one day, come on out the other to help (I hear there’s food).

If you have been meaning to help out, but have not been able to, this is a good opportunity to contribute. Please post here if you can help. We will start at 9am each day. Meet at the Hawk's Nest.