Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 31 Results - Final 2018 League

Weird weather tonight, looked clear then turned very windy with some rain, then got cold and sunny. We had 42 players on the final Wednesday league of 2018. Please join us on Sunday October 28th for the annual Bag Tag Bonanza. More info on that soon. Thank you to those who brought donated prizes for the Bonanza. If you brought something and left it with Aaron, please drop me a PM so I know who donated what. I sincerely appreciate it!

Point race update:

A pool: Casey White is a lock for 1st. Alex Gula is a lock for 2nd, Bill Bertera, Greg Bianco and Taylor Maz are battling for the 3rd place spot. Greg has a two point lead over both Bill and Maz heading into the Bonanza.

B pool: Brian Dean has locked up 1st place and Justin Kent has locked up 2nd place.. Richard Kuzmitch has locked up 3rd place. 

C pool: Roger Scruton is a lock for 1st. Mark Padilla has locked up 2nd. Bret Chisholm and Matt Steinberg are battling for 3rd place. Bret has a 1 point lead going into the Bonanza. Reminder that no attendance points are accumulated at the Bonanza.

D pool: Kim Krieser is a lock for 1st. MaryAnne Reynolds is a lock for 2nd. Ashlee Foley and Jean Cleary at battling for 3rd place. Ashlee has a 1 point lead going into the Bonanza. Reminder that no attendance points are accumulated at the Bonanza.

ACE: Ken Gary Hole 9 Hill for $31

Pot #1 - $0 plus Bonanza money in

Skills Challenge -  (A: Korey Fournier, B: Chris Mergemekes, C: Matt Steinberg, D: Ashlee Foley)

Pro Pool: Korey Fournier $30

Handicap Pool: Ashlee Foley $7 

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