Monday, October 29, 2018

2018 Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Thanks for a great day yesterday! As usual, this was my favorite event of the year as we celebrate another fun league season. We had a good crowd of 58 people and the weather was not too bad. A little drizzle in the morning during check in but otherwise fine. For next year, I'd expect some format changes. We will be meeting soon to discuss everything and we'll keep ya in the loop.

Put your pennies away over the winter for a 2019 season pass. The price of $140 seemed perfect this year as more people participated in the program and the league essentially broke even on the passes. Coming up hopefully before the end of 2018.

I need to thank the several people who donated a ton of the CTP and raffle items. Thanks to The Draegers, Adam Abruzzi, Cooper Arnold, Mark Padilla, Matt Steinberg, Bob Taylor, Bill Bertera, Chris Collette (Hawks Nest Disc Golf), Greg Bianco and Bob Kulchuk. We also had a few mystery donations too.

A million thanks to Tim Seiger, Aaron Little and Bill Bertera for helping to keep this train running. How sweet is Tim's check in system too? We're a couple years into that system now and I can't even think about doing this without it now. We hope you enjoyed the flexibility with the courses and the variety of playing with random/pick your own groups and trickle/shotgun starts towards the end of the year.

See everyone in mid March!

Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Season Winners:

A Pool
1st Casey White - $150 + (trophy coming soon)
2nd Alex Gula - $100
3rd Greg Bianco - $75

B Pool
1st Brian Dean - $60 + (trophy coming soon)
2nd Justin Kent - $40
3rd Richard Kuzmitch - $25

C Pool
1st Roger Scruton - $50 + (trophy coming soon)
2nd Mark Padilla - $25
3rd Matt Steinberg - $15

D Pool
1st Kim Krieser - $50 + (trophy coming soon)
2nd Maryanne Reynolds- $25
3rd Ashlee Foley- $15

CTP Prizes:

We had about 16 prizes set for CTPS but we didn't get the flags/signs out on the course in time so we decided to raffle the items off to those in attendance. I didn't keep a log of the winners.

Perfect Attendance:
As a thank you for their dedication, they got to pick out of the CTP prize bin first and second

Bill Pacheco - 2 years
Greg Bianco -1 year

Large raffle items:
Marksman Basket - Richard Kuzmitch
Mini Recruit Basket - Ryan Kelly
2019 Season Pass (only 2018 pass holders entered) - Steve Banatoski

Ace pot got up to $58 and Richard Kuzmitch took it with the closest shot to the basket on hole 1.

Here is a list of raffle prize winners and the available prizes that have not been claimed. These will be available for pick up at the nest soon:

Danny Maher
Aaron Little x2
John Murin Jr
Donnie Phillips
Matt Bourgault
Alex Vigeant
Don Tucker
Taylor Maslowski

Icon Legacy Rampage - 175 gram
DX Innova Aviar - 167 gram
Icon Legacy Bandit - 166 gram
Protege Legacy Prowler - 170 gram
Vibram Trak - 172 Gram Medium -Vibram Open
Legacy Clutch - 175 gram - Confidence Clash
Dynamic Discs Witness - 172 gram - 2017 Bag Tag Bonanza
Excel Legacy Rampage - 167 gram
Dynamic Discs Freedom - 174 grAm 2017 Bag Tag Bonanza

Get there soon to have the first pick! I'll post once I drop them off.

For banked payouts not picked up yesterday. I'll reach out of each of you individually to get your paypal addresses. Heres a list of the ones I still need:

Jeff Angers
Quinton Campbell
Brandon Carlson
Kevin Cocci
Chris Gauthier
Trevor Jenkins
Aaron Little
Peter Simone
Rich Spinale
Austin Stewart
Danny Maher
Bret Chisholm
Joe Cramer
Dennis Halligan
Brian Hanrahan

Please get in touch with me on facebook or via email at to set up the paypal transfer. I'll be transferring the money as soon as I have most of the addresses so I can pay myself back as few times as possible. 

I think that is it, let me know if I missed something!