Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bag Tag Bonanza - All the Details. Both courses closed until 12:30PM on Sunday October 28th.

This is lengthy but please do read if you are coming to the Bonanza tomorrow!

First things first, the weather looks decent! Should be all cleared up by tee off. Much better than today, that’s for sure!

Reminder that the 2018 Bag Tag Bonanza is going to take place tomorrow, Sunday October 28th. All 2018 bag tag holders are invited to attend. I still have some 2018 tags for sale! $20 each. We will play one final league round of 24 holes (Bonanza Loop is 1-7 on Hill, 13,14,15 General, 10,11,12 General then 8-18 Hill in that order). The courses will be closed to all others until about 12:30pm on Sunday the 28th.

Register between 8am and 9am on Saturday morning. I’ll be set up at the shed. Tee off time is 9:15am. Please just start at 9:15am. No horn

The cost is the usual $5 and you should sign in as you normally would for a league night and we will provide Pizza/Cookies/Drinks for lunch. Participants also receive a player pack (Devens tag logo pint glass and towel). I have 100 of them! If I have extras at lunch, I’ll sell them for $5 per pack.

Please note that we will not be allocating money for the course or this event out of your entry fee so $4 to payout and $1 to ace pot. There won’t be a handicap pool and the pro pool will be handled by an envelope and name system rather than through the registration system (because I pre-registered the divisional leaders and didn’t want to add a step of checking with people)

Season pass holders will have their entry fee paid for by Devens DGC.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
Pot will start with $0 at the Bonanza and we will throw off for the pot if it does not get hit.

Banked nightly payouts – We will have these ready for pick up on Sunday morning. If you can’t get to the Bonanza I’ll contact you after the event to figure out a way to get the money to you. Amounts are posted here. WeTransfer link below if dropbox doesn’t work.

As of week 31 we have had 1373 players. That's an average of 44.29 per night. We've sold 111 tags. The following players have ended the year with perfect attendance:

Bill Pacheco (2 years)
Greg Bianco (1 year)

As a prize, you’ll get to dig into the CTP prize bin first (Bill) and second (Greg).

Points leaders will be playing on a card with each other. I’ve preregistered each of these players to ensure they end up on the same card. If you can’t make it please let me know:

A pool card – Casey White, Alex Gula, Greg Bianco, Bill Bertera (all confirmed)

B pool card – Brian Dean, Justin Kent, Richard Kuzmitch (all confirmed)

C pool card – Roger Scruton, Mark Padilla, Bret Chisholm, Matt Steinberg (all confirmed)

D pool card – Kim Krieser, Maryanne Reynolds, Ashlee Foley, Jean Cleary (all confirmed)

Current Pool Leaders

A pool:
Casey White – Lock for 1st
Alex Gula – Lock for 2nd
Greg Bianco – Seeking 3rd
Bill Bertera – Seeking 3rd
Taylor Maslowski – Seeking 3rd but cannot attend Bonanza

B pool:

Brian Dean – Lock for 1st
Justin Kent – Lock for 2nd
Richard Kuzmitch – Lock for 3rd

C pool:
Roger Scruton – Lock for 1st
Mark Padilla – Lock for 2nd
Bret Chisholm – Seeking 3rd
Matt Steinberg – Seeking 3rd

D Pool:
Kim Krieser– Lock for 1st
Maryanne Reynolds – Lock for 2nd
Ashlee Foley – Seeking 3rd
Jean Cleary – Seeking 3rd

Raffle Winners:
Here is the list of raffle winners for the smaller items. You can pick your prize(s) up during registration so show up early to get the best selection of prizes. There are 52 discs with several players winning multiple times.

I did the raffle winners using an excel formula in an effort to save time during awards. We will still do a “pick up number” system for the larger items.

CTP Prizes:

There will be various prizes given away via CTP, I’ll do my best to make them divisional and on appropriate holes. When you win a CTP, you will simply pick something out of the CTP Prize box. The selection order will be random.

Random Notes:
Check in using the normal league system. Use “Bonanza” as the course when checking in.

If you get a hole with a “G” next to it, that’s a General hole. All others are Hill.

Get there early for best selection on raffle prize choices.

Banked nightly payouts will be available during registration

Bob Kulchuk is putting together trophies for the divisional season winners, but I dropped the ball and made the request very late. They will be coming soon but they will not be ready for hand off at the Bonanza.

Awards Structure:
Ace Pot throw off, if needed
Final League round (Payout, Tag distribution)
Perfect Attendance
CTP winners
Season Winners (Money)
Raffle (iphone pick a number)

Wetransfer link (if dropbox links don't work above):