Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sunday Event - 28 Chain Salute

So we had a pretty large fire on the course this evening which was luckily contained away from fairways and basket areas. The area of concern is behind and left of 12s basket on the General and below holes 13 & 14 as I understand it. It's a pretty large area though our paths and playing areas should be fine.

While we expect the AM day of the 28 Chain Salute to run as planned tomorrow there will be some small inconveniences. The firefighters will be back at 5am tomorrow and will be working until after the tournament starts. We cannot use any transportation trucks so all holes will need to be walked to. You will be provided with ample time to get out to the further holes and I ask you to text me when your full group is at your starting hole.

The firefighters will be going in and out and we need to give them all the space they need. Please don't  park over by tournament central. They state  that the fire will be smoldering all night and into probably during the day tomorrow. Don't be alarmed if this area is still smoldering.

Lastly, it's very hot and dry. A cigarette on the ground will likely destroy our course. If  see anyone  tossing a cigarette please remind them of what happened today.

See you all in the morning.