Monday, July 25, 2016

28 Chain Salute Wrap Up

Thank you all so much for making “The Third Annual 28 Chain Salute” tournament such a success! This was our first attempt at a two day event and it sure was exhausting! I enjoyed myself though and I hope you did as well. Aside from the searing heat both days (especially on Saturday!) and the wildfire which closed down 2 holes on the General on Sunday things seemed to go pretty smooth. I appreciate everyones flexibility on Sunday when we had to change holes 13 and 14 on the general to holes 3 & 4 on the hill. 

We did a fun twist to hole 2 on Saturday and it produced some interesting scores! We put some OB rope up and played it as a "island hole". You had to get in bounds on your drive or re-tee and the scores ranged from a 1 to a 13 and just about everything in between! 

There were two aces during tournament weekend. Aaron Little aced hole 2 on the General on his first throw of the day. Angel Vega hit the same hole on Sunday as well! Aaron won a $124 ace pot and Angel won a $76.00 pot. 

If you signed up for the event on the morning of the tournament and didn’t get your points for this tournament please let me know. I’m not sure how long the process takes but give it at least a few days. I submitted the results today.

Thanks also to the volunteers and those that helped with registration, scoring, spotting and payout stuff at this event along with Sam Henderson who donated some prizes and ran a throw off them! Thanks also to Green Light Disc Golf for stepping up at a late stage to be our AM payout vendor. Was great to have them on site! Am's can redeem there winnings at other Green Light events this summer and fall. Next up for them is the Summerfest at Rapscallion Disc Golf course this coming weekend. 

Full Results and Unofficial Rating: