Friday, May 1, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 8 Results

Another great showing and record broken at Devens league. We had 75 players join us on a nice night! No wind for a change!

Air horn start worked well again and so did the trickle start off the General with 4somes and new starting hole assignments. I'll probably keep that all going as long as it continues to work. Basically, the General hole assignments work as follows. Check in, wait for a 4some to form and then you all go out together and start your round. No stringent start time aside from the firm cutoff of 15 minutes before the Hill start. When you check in for the General, don't wander too far away from check in area so you can be ready to go when the group is formed. Since we only use holes 1, 12 & 9 for The General it is important that you not let groups gather at the tee and wait until 5:15 to start teeing off. That kinda negates the early start time.

Two changes that you should be aware of. First, the # of players in the C pool has been very high compared to years prior. Initially, I had set a top 3 payout for C pool given the # of players but it turns out the payouts are too high due to the high # of players so I decided to pay out top 5 instead of top 3. C pool will still receive points only for the top 3 since that isn't fair to change mid season.  Another temporary change is with the handicap for B pool. Something odd is going on within this pool and the scores on the hill vs general are not varied at all so the handicap is very small. It seems like people in B pool are less apt to play the general given a small handicap. I believe that the handicap will adjust over time but need players on the general to do so. I have adjusted the B pool handicap to 4 until it normalizes. I'll monitor and chance back to actual when necessary. Womens pool still has no data for handicap so have manually set that handicap to 5.

489 total player over the first 8 weeks. That is an average of 61+ per night.

113 tags sold and about 120 unique players have been part of the league. There are some that have bought a tag and not played yet but the # of people playing who bought a tag is way up this year. Thank you for your support of the courses!!

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)

Ace pot at $110

Skills Challenge -



Current Pool Handicaps:
A - 4 Stokes (4.13) - Hill Rounds (184) General Rounds (36)
B - 4 Strokes (2.36) - Hill Rounds (104) General Rounds (15)
C - 7 Strokes (6.55) - Hill Rounds (89) General Rounds (17)
W - 5 Strokes (No data) - Hill Rounds (43) General Rounds (1)