Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sunday Social - Doubles League

DEVENS DUBZ LEAGUE - Sunday Social EVERY Sunday. Show up at the Hawk's Nest at 9:00am for a 9:30am start. Random dubz fees... $4 towards prize pool ...(60/40 split between top two teams) $1 towards end of season event $1 (optional) Ace Pot This League will run from first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in November. The last Sunday in November will be the season ending event. This is a points based league with points earned for INDIVIDUALS based on how many other individuals your team beats. Everyone receives 1 point for showing up. Example: 10 players show up for league. (5 dubz pairs) 1ST PLACE... 9 pts. awarded to EACH player...(8 players beaten + 1 pt. for showing up.) 2ND PLACE... 7 pts. for EACH player... (6 players beaten + 1 pt. for showing up.)

League Coordinators: Adam Abruzzi & Ric Hamel
Further Question? 978-5778021 to reach Ric or