Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 5 Results

Weather was pretty crappy but we still managed to draw 49 players for our 5th week of league.

We have now sold 96 tags!!

Next week we can start at 5pm. It seems that the trickle start on the General worked a little too well. There were groups done with their round for an hour before some of the Hill groups started coming back. Let's try the hill doing a shot gun start at 5pm and the general having a shotgun start at 4:45pm. We only walk out to 4 different holes on the general so there may be 6 or 9 people at each starting hole. Just split into three somes and start. If this doesn't work well I'll create some new cards with different starting holes. On the General you do not need to wait for the start call. Just start at or around 4:45...

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
none -
Hill Pot at $191
General Pot at $12

Considering just making it one pot good to hit on either course. I'd cap pots at $250 and start a new one. What do you all think?

Skills Challenge -

Full Results: