Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Tag Procedure for League

In an effort to get people on their way home from league a bit quicker along with the desire to make sure everyone goes home with a tag at the end of the night we are going to implement a small change that should hopefully make a big difference. 

I am going to eliminate the "ending tag" column from my Excel spreadsheet. At the end of your round you have the option to stay and wait for announcements, winners, and tag distribution or you can simply grab the highest #'d tag available on the board and head out. Tag numbers get higher the further you go down the board so you would grab the tag on the lowest portion of the tag board. You will be passing on any payouts or lower tags you might have otherwise been entitled to if you had stayed, but you will still receive all points you have earned for the night. In an ideal world everyone stays, socializes and has fun but I understand the need arises for people to leave and I'd like to give you the option to go home with a tag while minimizing the # of tags I carry around from week to week.

I'll call out the results in order as usual and if you do not come and get your tag we will simply move on to the next player and available tag instead of putting it aside.  

Any questions??