Thursday, September 5, 2013

Team Devens 2 is Finalized

Team Challenge FINAL TEAM:

There will be team practice on Sunday September 15th at 10am and everyone pretty much needs to come if they can... Won't take too long, team challenge rules and at least a 9 hole match play demo.. I could use a few members of Team Devens to help with the match play portion.

Here is your roster:

Nick Ceja (Capt)
Aaron Stewart (co-Capt)
Josh St. Denis (co-Capt)
Dean Onners
Marc Duci
Brian Allen
Moe Ryan
Art Blanchard
Dave Mullett
Chris Pickering
Joe Decarolis
Scott Wilson
Gator Holmes
Chuck Tammaro
Drew Neumann
Fallon Enman

Tom Burrell
Jamie Newcombe
Dylan Osgoode
Andrew Constant
 Jacki Bogan

I will be forwarding a contact list to your captains and meeting with them regarding guidelines of this league. Matches start in October and your schedule should be released soon.

I suggest you all set up an account on so you can follow discussion about your matches and league changes. Aaron, Nick and Josh need to do this ASAP AND REQUEST ACCESS TO THE CAPTAINS THREAD.