Friday, September 13, 2013

New Course Installation Preliminary Plans

Devens Players,
So fall is coming and the paperwork for the new 18 is nearly completed.  We are one small step away from approval to commence installation of the new 18 holes!   
We have set aside one weekend per month through the end of the year for workdays in order to allow everyone to participate in the effort.  I hope each of us can set aside at least a half-day each of those weekends to help.
The weekends are:
-       September 28th/29th
-       October 19th/20th
-       November 16th/17th
-       December 7th/8th
Half days are either mornings 9am – 12pm or afternoons 1pm – 4pm.  Devens will provide lunch and beverages for everyone.
The first workdays will focus on clearing fairways and paths between holes, grading tee pad areas and setting up temporary targets.  We will need people with chainsaws (2-4 per session would be great) and 2-4 people supporting each chainsaw to move brush and logs.   It would be good to have a 2-3 people with pick, shovel and rake available to rough out the tee areas.
Prior to the first work weekend we will post an announcement to ask people to sign up for times.  For now, please clear you schedules to allow some time to help us out.
We will also announce shortly hole sponsorships.  Like on the existing 18, you will have the opportunity to sponsor a hole and be recognized on that hole’s signage as a sponsor.  Total cost and number of people that can contribute per hole are being worked out.
For right now, please enjoy the rest of the NEFA season, Wednesday Devens league and casual play.  If we get a good volunteer effort this fall we could have baskets in the ground before the end of the year!!