Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's Build a NEW COURSE this Weekend!

Additional Work Day Details:

As you probably know, we will be breaking ground on our new course this weekend. We have a very busy couple of days planned and we wanted to thank you in advance for donating your time and effort to our new course!

We will begin work each day at 9am and work until a lunch break around noon. Lunch will be pizza/soda/water (BYO Beer) provided by Devens DGC. We will also have some water/gatoraid for during the day as well. We will resume work after lunch and work until around 5pm.

Meet in the usual parking lot and we will drive over to the work central area near new hole 3 (need trucks!)

If you show up late, you can follow the new path that leads to the existing course’s hole 4 tee and you will see us working in that area. This path begins after the fence on old hole 1 and meanders up below 2 & 3. Follow the sweet sounds of chainsaw! You can also call us on our cell phones – numbers below.

Things you can bring:

Work Gloves
Pole saws
Hand saws

The focus of this weekend is to clear fairways.  We will go over the details of what should and should not be cleared on each hole before we begin.  During the day if you have questions, call Ken or Luke.  A few notes:

- Please cut everything LOW TO THE GROUND. I know it’s a little more difficult but its better than having to cut twice or having someone trip and get impaled.

- We will be looking to border walkways between holes using the thinner trees we cut.  

- Selected holes may use logs to mark a route from tee to green and also prevent hillside erosion.

- Cut material wants to be dragged well off the fairways and left in a natural deadfall state.  We are not looking to create large deadfall piles.  No burning allowed.

- We may collect some cuttings into road accessible areas for later chipping – use around green and walkways.

- The fairways are marked with red flags/tape.  We are cutting everything inside of the flags with the exception of trees with red tape. Most anything outside the flags will stay unless directed otherwise.  If it’s questionable, ask Ken or Luke.

- We will try to create level areas for tees, all natural for now.

We will be working on holes 1, 2, 3, 17 & 18. Once complete this will make a nice 9 hole loop using holes 1-4 of old course or 23 hole course using all 18 old holes! We plan on installing bucket targets and having these holes "playable" by the end of the weekend.

Ken can be reached at 781-526-5080 (text or call)
Luke can be reached at 617-905-6574 (text or call)

Again, thank you!