Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 28 Results

41 players on a warm and humid night. We played The OG Hill and The General.

With 3 weeks left we'll continue tracking divisional leaders:

A pool: Casey White is now a lock for 1st. Alex Gula, Bill Bertera, Greg Bianco and Taylor Maz have the best shot at placing in 2nd or 3rd. Aaron Little, Peter Bean, Bob Kulchuk and Greg McWilliams have an outside shot at 3rd.

B pool: Brian Dean and Justin Kent are still fighting for 1st with Brian leading by 8 points.They are both locked  in for no worse than 2nd. Richard Kuzmich, Chris Mergemekes and Sean Coyne are battling for 3rd but Rich has a 13 point lead.

C pool: Roger Scruton is a lock for 1st. Bret Chisholm, Mark Padilla, Matt Steinberg are all battling for 2nd and 3rd. Tim Seiger has an outside shot of placing as well.

D pool: Kim Krieser has a 3 point lead over Maryanne Reynolds for 1st and both are locked in for either 1st or 2nd. Ashlee  Foley, Jean Cleary, Brian Hanrahan and Kristina Draeger are fighting for 3rd. 

ACE: none

Pot #1 - $162 plus next weeks money in

Skills Challenge -  (A: Angel Vega, B: Chris Mergemekes, C: Nick Camilleri, D: Jean Cleary)

Pro Pool: Casey White $15

Handicap Pool: Anthony Frongillo $7

If dropbox links don't work for you try this: https://we.tl/t-on9F3sUKV3