Saturday, September 8, 2018

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 25 Results

41 players this week,

With 6 weeks left we'll continue tracking divisional leaders:

A pool: Casey has all but locked up first place in A pool with a 23 point lead over second. Alex, Old Greg and Maz are fighting for 2nd place with several others trying to chase them down - Bob K, Bill B, Peter B, Aaron L, JB, and Ken G

B pool: Brian D currently has an 14 point lead over Justin K and they are in control of the top 2 spots with Rich K and Sean C fighting for 3rd place. Chris M, Ryan S and Bill P all have a shot at 3rd as well.

C pool: Roger S has an 11 point lead over Bret C with Mark P and Matt S are just a few points behind them. Mike A, Tim S and Matt B have a shot at placing as well. 

D pool: Maryanne R has a 11 point lead over Kim K and Ashlee F is 9 points behind Kim. Jean C is in striking range as well

ACE: none

Pot #1 - $81 plus next week's money in

Skills Challenge -  (A: Greg McWilliams, B: Bill Pacheco, C: Matt Steinberg, D: Maryanne Reynolds)

Pro Pool: Aaron Denis $15.00

Handicap Pool: Richard Kuzmitch

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