Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 20 Results

36 players this week. It was again disgusting outside. Sincerely hoping for some nice non-humid weather next week. Speaking of next week, we will be running league on The Commander! It'll be a pick your card trickle start deal rotating off of holes 1 and 9. I'd love to have a big crowd and sell some new tags, etc.  Meeting at the main parking lot near the playground on Antietam Street. This is near last year's hole 1.

Come and practice for D54 / New England Doubles Championship and support Devens Disc Golf while you're at it!

Logan Kuzmitch $25.50 Hole 16 Hill
Bob Kulchuk $25.50 Hole 17 Hill

Pot #1 - $0 plus next week's money in

Skills Challenge - Skip shot under the spool table into practice basket (A - Luke Adolph, B - Brett Reynolds, C - Matt Steinberg, D - Maryanne Reynolds

Pro Pool: Aaron Little $15.00

Handicap Pool: MaryAnne Reynolds $5.00

Standings, Handicap and Course Average Info 
(note, we still need to fix Matt Steinberg's C pool point total)

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