Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Special League Night on The Commander!

It's Commander week here @ Devens and Wednesday Weekly League will be running mainly on our temporary course. 

$5 with a 2018 Devens tag
$7 without a tag
$20 for a 2018 tag

We'll be opening up at 3:45pm on Wednesday and groups can start going out shortly after that time. Registration and last groups out will be at 5:15pm.  The course should take approximately 3 hours to play. On the par 4s, please tee off when the group in front of you is near the basket.

You can pick your own card (foursomes until 5pm, threesomes after 5pm). We will be sending cards out to carefully thought out holes for best course flow so, PLEASE for the love of disc golf, go to your assigned hole right away and start playing. 

It'll be helpful if there is at least one person familiar with the new temp course layout on each card but I'll have maps and OB printouts for each card, just in case. Also the important course notes are below. 

Players opting to play the Hill:

Check into Commander (with a "pick your own card" shotgun start at 5:15pm) pay $3 instead of $5 so you're eligible for ace pot, attendance point, etc. (I'll account for the lost $2 per person towards payout out of the course funds). You won't be in the running for nightly payout if you play the Hill since we do not have the data to compare The Hill scores to The Commander scores.

I'll automatically DNF Hill players but please do let Tim or Luke know if you got an ace on the Hill ASAP. Your season average will not be affected by the DNF. 


Commander Course Notes: 

All roads, parking lots and sidewalks (except walkway & stairs on 18) are OB, curbs are considered part of road. Pavement OB not listed below, but comes into play on most holes.

NO DRINKING/DRUGS ANYWHERE ON THE COURSE OR IN PARKING LOT - IMMEDIATE DQ - EVEN IF BEFORE OR AFTER ROUND. No public urination, there are porta-johns around the fields (hole 5, hole 13/16)

1: Tree on left short of corner of parking lot mando to the right - can only cut the corner of the parking lot. Missed mando, rethrow from same mark +1. 

5: Over outfield fence is OB, casual relief behind lie if stuck on roof

6: Island green - road and anything on other side of road is OB, also painted circle short is OB - go look first. Anything OB on drive goes to drop zone shooting 3.

8: Over outfield fence is OB

9: Fenced/Barbed-wire area is OB, do NOT retrieve disc. Immediate DQ for going in there. Over fence towards Main St is OB

10: Fenced/Barbed-wire area is OB, do NOT retrieve disc. Immediate DQ for going in there. When complete walk up hill and across road to open field on right for hole 11.

12: Basin is OB, ONLY if roped by league

18: Tee area and pavement to the right of trees are OB. Stairs and walkway from road to near basket are NOT OB. No mando.