Friday, April 28, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 6 Results

64 players, a little bit rainy/moist but a decent night overall.

The last groups from the General were late coming in again and we are going to try to address this so we are not all waiting around at the end of the evening.

ACE: David Rich hole #10 on The Hill.
Pro Pool: Travis Milem $30
Handicap: John Murin Jr $28

We will be adjusting the divisional pools this weekend which means you will be moved up a division if your average scores dictate the need to do so. The first 6 weeks are a free period so you won't be docked any points for this move. We will  be doing another division check after 12 weeks and points will be docked a little since it's easier to score points in the lower divisions. The percentage increased throughout the year.