Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 5 Results

65 players, light rain on and off throughout the round, turned heavy as the night was finishing. 

The last group from General was late coming in, we think this is because an early group from 12 got around to 1 before they started. We'll be telling early groups that go out to watch out if they loop around to 1 or 9 before or at 5pm, to look for groups that are starting and let them play through.

ACE: Aaron Little hole #11 on The Hill.
Pro Pool: Christopher Collette $50
Handicap: Casey White $14

Next week we'll be moving to our final start times: 5pm General, 5:30 Hill (5:20 sign-in). We will probably say if you want a 4-some on the General you need to go out by 4:30. 3-somes after that for 1 more week.