Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Thanks to everyone for coming to the Bag Tag Bonanza on Sunday! As usual, this event was really fun for me to run and I hope everyone else had a good time as well. Aside from the wind the weather was pretty good too!  It's always great to celebrate a successful year and this year was no exception. We continue to grow and the automated sign in and score reporting system worked really well overall and we look forward to working on improvements in the off season. Also, next year we will have 4 people running league on a rotation. Tim Seiger, Aaron Little, Bill Bertera and I will be running things.  

Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Season Winners:

A Pool
1st Aaron Little - 103 points - $175
2nd Frank Strauss - 76 points - $125 
3rd Bill Bertera - 75 points - $75

B Pool
1st Casey White - 98 points $75
2nd Jesse Cleary - 88 points $50
3rd Ben Maxwell - 73 points $25

C Pool
1st Sean Coyne - 99 points - $60
2nd Don Tucker - 89 points - $30
3rd Brett Reynolds - 63 points $20

Womens Pool
1st Ashley Toomey - 81 points - $75 
2nd Kelly Jenkins - 78 points - $50
3rd Jacki Bogan - 44 points - $25

CTP  Prizes:
(18 players won $15 in Hawks Bills plus a discl!)


Large raffle items:
Be Dynamic Banner - John Buonsanto
Mini Recruit - Kristina Draeger
Marksman Basket - Peter Simone
Recruit Basket - Don Cleary

Ace pot got up to $145 and since no one hit an ace during the round we had a throw off and split the pot 3 ways. (Justin Harradon, ? & ?)

Here is a list of winnings that are available for pick up at the Hawks Nest:

Chris Pickering - Discraft Heat and hat
Steve Wood - Discraft Thrasher and a hat
Alex Gorman - Ice Cube Open disc and a hat
Jim Robinson - Choice of Tshirt
Joe Yaskis - Choice of Tshirt
Jamie Salamone - Legacy Gauge and a mini
Alex Gorman - Vibram Vamp and a mini
Ryan Goodwin - Legacy Ghost and a $15 certificate to Hawks Nest

Here is a list of people I still owe money too for banked league winnings. I can leave at the nest or paypal you. Get back to me with your preference.

Nicki MacLean $7
Alex Ivanov $13
Andrew Ellis $6
Austin Stewart $27
Bill Marcin $2
Brian Allen $5
Chris Duffy $15
Clayton Fahey $44
David Rich $30
Jeff Furbush $9
Jim Robinson $5
Josh Jenkins $5
Lee Chiang $2
Mark Sobota $93
Mat Sanders $8
Mike Walsh $5
Nick Glendenning $7
Steve Wood $5
Tim Kendall $12
Tim Walsh $8