Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bag Tag Bonanza is Coming Together!

Reminder that the 2016 Bag Tag Bonanza is going to take place on Sunday October 23rd. All 2016 bag tag holders are invited to attend. We will play one final league round of 24 holes (Bonanza Loop, 1-7 on Hill, 13,14,15 General, 10,11,12 General then 8-18 Hill).

The cost is the usual $5 and we will provide Pizza/Cookies/Drinks. Participants also receive a Trilogy Custom stamped disc. I got 100 of them and they are really sweet! We got:

Classic Judge, Classic Blend Wardens, Lucid Felon, Fuzion Emac Truth, Fuzion Escape, Opto Ballista, Opto AIR Ballista, Gold River, BT Medium Harp and VIP Harp

Custom stamp image and full event details below..

$15 Hawk Nest Gift Certificate on every single Hill hole and over 60 raffle items so far. In case you didn't know those who purchase tags receive a raffle entry for each league they attend. If you've attended league in 2016 this week or next week would be the time to purchase your 2016 tag. All raffle entries are retroactive. 

Marksman Basket
Recruit Basket
Mini Recruit Basket
175 Memorial Candyman Jawbreaker Buzzz
Legacy Hats and Mini (x7 each)
Legacy Sport Sack (X7)
XL Red Legacy Tshirt
XL Black Legacy Tshirt
MED Black Legacy Tshirt
SM Blue Legacy Tshirt
XL Blue Legacy Tshirt
SM Black Legacy Tshirt
LG Blue Legacy DriFit
LG Red Legacy DriFit
XL Blue Legacy DriFit
XL Blue Legacy DriFit
LG Yellow Legacy DriFit
Legacy Towels (X7 Various Colors)
172 Red First Run Nemesis
Orange Icon Bandit (X2)
175 Red Icon Mongoose
174 Pink Icon Mongoose
173 Blue Icon Mongoose
171 White Pinnacle Rival
173 Yellow Pinnacle Rival
173 Orange Pinnacle Rival
169 Orange Icon Rival
174 White Pinnacle Cannon
168 White Icon Cannon (X2)
175 White Icon Patriot (X2)
168 Pink Pinnacle Patriot
172 Yellow Pinnacle Patriot
174 White Pinnacle Patriot
168 White Outlaw
173 Clear Pinnacle Ghost
174 Purple Icon Outlaw
173 Green Icon Ghost
178 White Gauge
180 Green Icon Gauge
178 Green Gauge
XL White Tee Shirt
DX Aviar
Flat Top DX Roc
172 Z Thrasher      
Dude Koozie
Discraft Hat
Vibram Disc
XL Red Killer B TShirt
171 Green Discraft Heat
173 Red/White X Link Firm Lace (2013 Vibram Open)
166 Blue X Link Medium Arch
172 Red/White/Blue X Link Medium Ridge (Maple Hill Open)
175 Pink Discmania P3
178 Orange Pinnacle Ghost (28 Chain Salute) X3
177 Orange Pinnacle Ghost (28 Chain Salute)
179 Orange Pinnacle Ghost (28 Chain Salute)
173 Purple Icon Ghost (28 Chain Salute)
172 Purple Icon Ghost (28 Chain Salute)
167 Red Icon Rampage (28 Chain Salute)
171 Purple Icon Clutch (28 Chain Salute)

172 Orange Icon Prowler (28 Chain Salute)