Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 2 Results

Interesting week here in New England. Monday snow storm drops 6 inches of snow on the course and by tee off on Wednesday the course is 100% snow free. Also, the forecast called for showers throughout the entire round last night and we didn't get a drop! It's good to see that the league weather machine is still working.

Some cards finished in the dark last night so we will stick with a 4:45 Hill start time next week (4:30 General).

We had some technical issues and we couldn't start the score input as we had hoped but the system still worked well and we were able to put scores in manually for all 86 players in a timely fashion! Speaking of numbers, through two weeks last year we had 103 players and through two weeks this year we have had 170. Some decent growth there and I am personally scared of what is going to happen we we start at 5:30pm. The 100 player challenge is still on as well, this means that the first time we reach 100 players on a single night we will add $100 to the payout (spread out among all divisions). Which week will we hit 100 players? Week 5 is my guess.

Ashlee Foley shot a personal best 65!

Please also note that it is quite important that you report to your assigned hole. If you make a switch after you have been assigned a hole it messes with the score entry and it isn't worth the hassle. Please only change holes if you have been specifically asked to do so  by whomever is running league. It is quite difficult to manipulate the automated system to provide a specific starting hole and we would sincerely appreciate you accepting your automatically assigned hole as it for the greater good of the entire league. Thank you!

See ya next week.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - None

Ace pot at $64 + next weeks money in