Sunday, October 11, 2015

Devens Bag Tag Bonanza - Saturday October 24th

2015 Devens Bag Tag Bonanza

Saturday, October 24th
Devens DGC – One round of 24 holes. We will play holes 1-7 on The Hill then these holes on The General (in this order) 13, 14, 15, 10, 11, 12, followed by holes 8-18 on The Hill.

One round of singles - stroke play
8:00am - Sign in
9:00am - Players meeting
9:15am - Shotgun start
Optional doubles round after lunch, awards, raffle prizes, etc. $5 per person

Entry Fees:
* $5 ($4 to divisional payout and $1 to ace pot (which currently has $91 in it)

Players Packs:
*  The first 100 players to register on the morning of  the event will receive a Devens Grenade pint glass, a Devens Disc Golf sticker and a birdie bag.

There will be tons of prizes. Mostly given away during the raffle but every hole on The Hill will also have a CTP prize. See further down this post.

Devens DGC will provide lunch for all players at the Bag Tag Bonanza. Lunch will consist of Pizza, cookies, soda/water.

Raffle Procedure:
You will receive an entry into the raffle for every league night you attended. You will also receive an additional entry for every ace you hit during the season. I will provide a spreadsheet with your assigned raffle #’s and will  use a random # generator on my phone to select the winning entries. I’ll need someone to generate the #’s and another person to verify the # on the phone and spreadsheet.

Season Points Leaders:

Current Pool Leaders. I will put all appropriate players together at Bonanza so they can continue to battle it out. Alex and Aaron will play together. Frank, Donnie and John Bon will play together. Gator, Jared and Brandon will play together. Jesse, Rich and Anthony will play together. Jackie, Fallon and Ashley will play together. In some instances, I will be moving players back to their starting pool so that they can play in direct competition for the top 3 points. For example, in B pool both Jared and Brandon moved up during the season but I will be moving them back into B pool so their battle for 1st, 2nd and 3rd can be more direct. Jesse and Rich will also be moving back to C pool as well for the Bonanza.

A Pool (5 Bonanza points still available plus potential ace points. Alex would need to win A pool at Bonanza and ace while Aaron must not get any points in order for Alex to take over the #1 spot)
Aaron Little - 95 points (lock for 1st or 2nd)
Alex Gula - 89 (lock for 1st or 2nd)
Frank Strauss - 63 (battling to keep 3rd place)
Donnie Phillips - 60 (trying to make up points to gain 3rd)
John Buonsanto - 60 (trying to make up points to gain 3rd)

B Pool (5 Bonanza points still available.)
Jared Reincke - 82 points (lock for 1st or 2nd)
Gator Holmes -78 (can take any place)
Brandon Bowen - 74 (lock for 2nd or 3rd)

C Pool (3 Bonanza points still available. Anthony needs to win C pool at Bonanza and ace while keeping Rich to 0 points in order to take over 2nd place)
Jesse Cleary - 77 points (lock for first)
Rich Spinale - 60 (lock for 2nd or 3rd)
Anthony Frongillo - 56 (lock for 2nd or 3rd)

Womens Pool (3 Bonanza points still available.)
Jacki Bogan - 65 points (lock for 1st or 2nd)
Fallon Enman - 62 (can take any place)
Ashley Toomey - 60 (lock for 2nd or 3rd)

* No pre-registration for the Bonanza this year. We will check people in on the morning of the event as we normally do for league but we will be set up across the street at the entrance to the course.

Each hole on The Hill will have a CTP prize. There will be 5 available for pools A, B & C and 3 available for the Womens pool. Tried to keep this relative to the # of players in each division. Each CTP prize will be a $15 in Hawks Bills redeemable for merchandise at the Hawks Nest. Plus each will receive a zipper pull from Green Light Disc Golf.

Dynamic Discs Marksman Basket
Grip B15 Bag
$25 Gift Certificate to Hawks Nest
$25 Gift Certificate to Hawks Nest
$25 Gift Certificate to Hawks Nest
$25 Gift Certificate to Hawks Nest
Glow  Coment (donated by John Rodenhizer)
Glow Meteor (donated by John Rodenhizer)
Hill Fest Drifit Shirt (donated by Ric Hamel)
Elasto World (donated by Jim McRae)
Whale (donated by Casey White)
Rocomonga (donated by Hawks Nest)
Supersoft Wizard (donated by Pete Nevius)
Crane Hill Destroyer (donated by Pete Nevius)
Beauty Hill Boss (donated by Pete Nevius)
Borderland Roc (donated by Pete Nevius)
Borderland Aviar  (donated by Pete Nevius)
2013 Bonanza Vibram (donated by Pete Nevius)
2013 Hill Yeah Spring Classic Suspect (donated by Luke Adolph)
Opto Havoc (donated by ?)
Crystal FLX Drone (donated by Brian Hagan)
Claymore (donated by Kat Gray)
Killer B Swag (donated by the Borelli’s)
4 Pack of Understable Beer (donated by Bob Kulchuk)
Another 4 pack of Understable Beer (donated by Bob Kulchuk)
USDGC Swag (donated by Bob Kulchuk)
Tankard Bar Pack (donated by Ashley Jollimore)
Fluid Truth (donated by Ken Gary)
Roc Shirt (donated by Bill Bertera)
Another Roc shirt (donated by Bill Bertera)
Frisbee Stater Set (donated by Tim Seiger)
XL Drifit (donated by Pete Nevius)
Coggshall Drifit (Donated by Coggshall Disc Golf)
Killer B signed Ridge (donated by Jaybob Johnson)
Rollstone mini hole artwork (donated by Rollstone Farms)

Other various donations that will be randomly paired with the above items;
Pickles (donated by Ric Hamel)
Coozies (donated by Ric Hamel)
Mini Marker Discs (donated by Casey White)
Apple Butter (donated by Tim Seiger)

If I missed anything here, please let me know.


Bob Kulchuk is making some sweet 1st place trophies for season winners. As of right now, only Jesse Cleary is a lock to receive one!