Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bag Tag Bonanza Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone from coming out to the Bag Tag Bonanza yesterday. This event is one of my favorite of  the year as it always seems to celebrate the Devens community getting bigger and stronger. I'm extremely proud to be part of it. I think this year ran smoothly and was fair for all involved. The hardest part is trying to do  everything correctly in such a small amount of time and I can only image we will grow again next year so i'd  like to try out a little bit of automation during the check in and maybe score reporting but other than that I'll likely keep things similar. Does anyone have any suggested changes?

We always seem to have too much food at the Bonanza but everyone must have been extra hungry this year. Here's one more stat for the season. 77 people barreled through 32 pizzas!

The Bonanza 24 hole layout proved to be difficult once again. Only Aaron Little was able to shoot  under par and that secured him an A pool season victory!

We had $168 bucks in the ace pot and nobody hit so we did a throw off for it. We paid out $56 each to Ken Gary, Art Blanchard & Josh St. Denis as they had the closest shots.

Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Season Winners:

A Pool
1st Aaron Little - 100 points $175 + Trophy and Mug
2nd Alex Gula - 92 points $125
3rd Frank Strauss - 67 points $85

B Pool
1st Jared Reincke - 87 points $75 + Trophy and Mug
2nd Gator Holmes - 79 points $50
3rd Brandon Bowen - 76 points $25

C Pool
1st Jesse Cleary - 80 points $60 + Trophy and Mug
2nd Rich Spinale - 61 points $30
3rd Anthony Frongillo - 57 points $20

Womens Pool
1st Jacki Bogan - 68 points $75 + Trophy and Mug
2nd Fallon Enman - 64 points $50
3rd Ashley Toomey - 60 points $25

CTP  Prizes:
(Each player won $15 in Hawks Bills plus a Green Light Disc Golf zipper pull!)

Ryan Shevlin
Eleanor Poore
Pete Nevius
Rich Spinale
Aaron Little
Jacki Bogan
Dan Nakamoto
Brandon Bowen
Ethan Strauss
Sam Misuraca
Tim Humphry
Gator Holmes
Marc Duci
Jesse Cleary
Steve Wood
John Rodenhizer
Brian McNulty


Pickles (donated by Ric Hamel) - paired with various prizes
Koozies (donated by Ric Hamel) - paired with various prizes
Apple Butter (donated by Tim Seiger) paired with various other prizes
mini marker discs (donated by Casey White) paired with various other prizes

DD Marksman Basket (donated by the League) - Aaron Stewart (HAWKS NEST)
Grip B15 Bag (donated by the League) - Rob Walker
Glo Comet (donated by John Rodenhizer) - Brian Norris
Glo Meteor (donated by John Rodenhizer) - Joe Decarolis
Gateway Supersoft Wizard (donated by Pete Nevius) - Adam Abruzzi
Latitude 64 Opto Havoc (donated by Luke Adolph) - Brian Norris
DD Fluid Truth (donated by Ken Gary) - Chris Mergemekes
Latitude 64 Tie Dyed Gold Saint (donated by Avery Sartelle) - Dave Mullet
Westside Elasto World (donated by Jim McRae) - Kim Krieser
Innova Ice Bowl Whale (donated by Casey White) - Chris Mergemekes
Crane Hill Metal Flake Destroyer (donated by Pete Nevius) - Bill Bertera
Beauty Hill Glow Boss (donated by Pete Nevius) - Matt Nowd
Borderland Fall Finale DS Roc (donated by Pete Nevius) - Kim Krieser
Borderland JC Aviar (donated by Pete Nevius) - Fallon Enman
2013 Vibram Bag Tag Bonanza Lace (donated by Pete Nevius) - Ryan Shevlin
2014 Hill Yeah Suspect (donated by Luke Adolph) - Chris Comas (HAWKS NEST)
Crystal FLX Drone (Donated by Brian Hagan) - Pete Nevius
Latitude 64 Opto Claymore (donated by Kat Gray) - Steve Walker
Killer B Signed Vibram Ridge (donated by Jaybob Johnson) - Joe Catalano (HAWKS NEST)
Prodigy 300s M1 & Koozie (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Fallon Enman
Prodigy 300s M1 & Koozie (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Kim Krieser
Innova Gstar Rocamonga (donated by Hawks Nest) - Nick Borowy (HAWKS NEST)
USDGC Pro Whale & Koozie (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Brandon Cicero
USDGC Swirly Star Roc3 & Koozie (donated by Bob Kulcuk) - Sean Parlon
USDGC Flag Dye Gator & Koozie (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Sam Misuraca
Green Killer B DryFit Shirt (donated by John Borelli) - Josh St. Denis
Discmania DryFit (donated by Anthony Frongillo) - Aaron Little
2015 Masters Hat & Pickles (donated by John Borelli) - Brian Hagan (HAWKS NEST)
Hyzerbomb Towel (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Andrew Ellis
Whamo Frisbee Set (donated by Tim Seiger) - Don Tucker
Mini Wooded DG Scene/Pickles & Lat 64 Fuse (donated by Josh Jenkins) - Phil Vilmorin (HAWKS NEST)
The Tankard Bar Pack (donated by Ashley Jollimore) - Avery Sartelle
4 Pack of Fiddlehead Understable Beers (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Jeff Angers (HAWKS NEST)
4 Pack of Fidddlehead Understable Beers (donated by Bob Kulchuk) - Bradley Arnall (HAWKS NEST)
Medusa Brewery Growler (donated by Avery Sartelle) - Steve Banatoski
$25 Hawk Bills, mini marker & pickles (donated by the League) - Joe Decarolis
$25 Hawk Bills, mini marker & pickles (donated by the League) - Sam Misuraca
$25 Hawk Bills, mini marker & pickles (donated by the League) - Doug Callaghan
$25 Hawk Bills, mini marker & pickles (donated by the League) - Ashley Toomey (HAWKS NEST)
2015 Coggshall DryFit (Coggs DGC) - Dan Nakamoto
Lat64 River (donated by ?) - Andy Duquette
Leopard (donated by ?) - John Rodenhizer
Pink Mantis disc (donated by ?) - Drew Neumann
Vibram Obex (donated by ?) - Jeremy Draeger
2015 HillFest DryFit Shirt (donated by Ric Hamel) Chris Pickering (HAWKS NEST)
Red Roc Tshirt & Apple Butter (donated by Bill Bertera) - ??
Gray Roc Tshirr (donated by Bill Bertera) - Ed Legenza (HAWKS NEST)
DD DryFit (donated by Luke Adolph) - Phil Vilmorin (HAWKS NEST)
Dry Fit (donated by Pete Nevius) - ??
2015 Coggshall DryFit (donated by Coggs DGC) - ??