Friday, August 21, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 24 Results

We had 80 players on Wednesday which is our third highest attendance of the leagues existence!  Since that # was so high and we still had just enough daylight to finish the rounds we are going to stick with a 5:30 start on the hill but in 3somes as best we can! This means longer starting walks as we need to use more holes. We will stick with 4 somes on the General but move the cut off down to 5pm for that course. Get there early.

I've been having some difficulty with one of my sorting functions which kept the spreadsheet from sorting out the starting tag number field properly. It had something to do with the way the handicap formula was written. This meant that I had to eyeball everyone who fell within a certain score to try and give tags out in the proper order but in the process I have messed up a bunch, especially when there was 5 or more of the same score. When I wasn't  able to just simply read the list from top to bottom I often skipped someone or gave out lower tags to the wrong people. I was getting away with this for the most part but its starting to become noticeable so I asked for help and Bill Bertera was able to tell me what I was doing wrong! A simple fix is in place and that shouldn't happen again. Sorry!

Bag Tag Bonanza! Don't forget that you receive a raffle ticket for each league night you attend. Here is a wrap up post for last years Bonanza. Look at all these prizes! Give yourself the best shot at going home with something by attending as often as possible. Lots of people have been playing often without a tag and now is the time to buy yours so you can be eligible to play in the Bonanza and win raffle prizes. I have about 20 tags left. I'm working on a large Devens Disc Golf sticker for your car and a pint glass with the grenade logo on it for the players pack this year. Also throwing in a birdie bag for everyone too.

Here is another league status report

We still have 10 people with perfect attendance:
Aaron Little
John Rodenhizer
Joe Decarolis
Dean Onners
Josh St. Denis
Jared Reincke
Brandon Bowen
Sam Misuraca
Brian Hagan
Jeremy Draeger

Our Average attendance is 66.75 players per week and we have had a total of 1,602 players over 24 weeks. 198 unique players and 151 tags sold. Both the total unique players and tags sold are higher than all of last year already and the 66.75 players per week is about 7 more players per day than last year.

Current Pool Leaders:

A Pool (35 points still up for grabs. Aaron pretty much has first place locked up unless he misses points all weeks and the close chasers win big points every week. He only has 1 attendance point remaining while Frank Alex and others have a few more. Alex has made a huge charge the last 3 weeks so if he keeps it up he can take the top spot! Wouldn't we all like to average a 50 over the last few weeks??)
Aaron Little - 86 points
Alex Gula - 62
Frank Strauss - 53
Donnie Phillips - 46
Taylor Maslowski - 45
Bill Bertera - 43
Bob Kulchuk - 37
Pete Nevius - 34

B Pool (35 points still up for grabs. Jared, Brandon and Corey have all moved up to the A pool so points will be a little harder to come by but they have made some good pushes the last few weeks, especially Jared! At this point, most places could go to any player in contention but if everyone currently below Gator doesn't start racking up points within the next week or two the list will  be a lot smaller. Jared, Brandon and Corey are almost out of attendance points but their chasers all have several more coming in. Gator is getting close too!)
Jared Reincke - 79 points
Brandon Bowen - 73
Corey Johnson - 59
Gator Holmes - 55
Ryan Shevlin - 39
Adam Stander - 38
Mark Sobota - 37
Sam Misuraca - 36

C Pool (21 points still up for grabs. Jesse and Rich have moved to B pool so points will be a bit harder to come by. B pool points are a higher value so if they do place in B it adds up a bit quicker in C so if they continue to place in B pool they could win a final 3 payout in C pool. All competitors have a solid amount of attendance points remaining as well.)
Jesse Cleary - 51 points
Rich Spinale - 50
Sean Coyne - 40
Anthony Frongillo - 36
Alex MacLean - 31
Brian Hagan - 29
Jeremy Draeger - 29
Donald Tucker - 29
Dan Garvey - 29

Womens Pool (21 points remaining though sometimes Toomey plays in B pool and can rack up 5 points for placing there. Pretty sure Jacki and Fallon have locked up 1st, 2nd or 3rd so its up to Toomey to keep the rest of the chasers out of the top 3! All ladies have plenty of attendance points left.)
Jacki Bogan - 54 points
Fallon Enman - 50
Ashley Toomey - 36
Ashlee Foley - 28
Ashley Jollimore - 27
Kim Krieser - 26
Nicki MacLean - 23

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
None - Pot at $60 plus next weeks money in



Current Pool Handicaps (A Pool could potential shift back to 5 strokes next week):

A - 6 Stokes (5.68) - Hill Rounds (442) General Rounds (224)
B - 6 Strokes (6.03) - Hill Rounds (289) General Rounds (90)
C - 7 Strokes (7.06) - Hill Rounds (282) General Rounds (131)
W - 6 Strokes (no good data) - Hill Rounds (117) General Rounds (27)