Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 22 Results

Sorry for the delayed results. Was on vacation and am finally catching up. Thanks to Bill Bertera for running league for me last week. It is much appreciated. There were 58 players and no aces which brings the pot up to $136 + tomorrows money in.

We only have 9 league nights left for the season and very few 5:30 starts left (2 or 3?) so get out there and get your points and take a shot at the ace pot. Remember that the more you come to league the better chance for you to win raffle prizes during the bag tag bonanza.

Each pools handicap went up significantly last week. Not enough to shift the whole # but it was interesting to see.

Ladies have been playing the General a lot more lately!

Both Jared and Brandon backed up their move to A pool with great scores!

We are working out an issue with access via vehicle on the dirt road. Please refrain from driving down the road to your starting hole for now, thanks! Park at the nest and walk the rest of the way for those far out holes.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
None - Pot at $136 plus next weeks money in.



Current Pool Handicaps:

A - 5 Stokes (5.34) - Hill Rounds (404) General Rounds (200)
B - 6 Strokes (5.86) - Hill Rounds (281) General Rounds (82)
C - 7 Strokes (7.14) - Hill Rounds (259) General Rounds (117)
W - 6 Strokes (No good data) - Hill Rounds (110) General Rounds (17)