Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Results - Week 17 Results

We had an impressive 65 players considering a poor forecast. We almost got away without rain but most players ended up playing the last 2-4 holes with some heavy rain.

I have 3 goals for league:

1 - Give everyone something fun and inexpensive to do
2 - Raise $ for our courses and other local courses
3 - Get myself and everyone else on their merry way by 8:30pm

The implementation of the 2nd course at league has been great but it is truly difficult to get everyone to the correct hole and starting with their full group at the right time. Please help me to run this league well by forming your 4some and heading out to your starting hole then starting immediately. The last groups in at the end of the night are typically from the general and I really don't want to cut the General off any earlier than 15 minutes before the hill. I'd also like to have ALL groups from both courses text me their scores as soon as they complete their round and check the scores. I'll write my phone # down on each scorecard. This will help substantially. 617-905-6574 if you wanna store it in your phone now. Text is best. 

I feel like we have lost a lot of players who had been coming to this league and I'd  be willing to bet many of them would say that the reason they don't come anymore is because it runs too late.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
None - Pot at $140 + next weeks money in



The Handicaps in the B and Womans pool shifted a little. B is up to 6 and I have been mimicking W pool with B so that moved to 6 also.  C pool may drop to 7 strokes within the next few weeks.

Current Pool Handicaps:
A - 5 Stokes (5.13) - Hill Rounds (340) General Rounds (147)
B - 6 Strokes (5.53) - Hill Rounds (211) General Rounds (58)
C - 8 Strokes (7.64) - Hill Rounds (206) General Rounds (76)
W - 6 Strokes (No good data - Using B Pool) - Hill Rounds (92) General Rounds (4)