Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 19 Results

We had another relatively light turnout last night with 61 players. Obviously, still great but I am a little baffled at the declining attendance #'s over the last 6 weeks or so. We have had mostly decent weather and we have been doing really well with getting out of there at a reasonable time lately. We actually finished by 8:20 last night so the texting of scores is really helping. I'm always looking for feedback so if there is a reason for the declining #'s  I'd  like to hear it.

Bag Tag Bonanza! Don't forget that you receive a raffle ticket for each league night you attend. Here is a wrap up post for last years Bonanza. Look at all these prizes! Give yourself the best shot at going home with something by attending as often as possible.

Heading into week 20 is a good time for a full league status report..

We currently have 12 people with perfect attendance:
Aaron Little
John Rodenhizer
Joe Decarolis
Dean Onners
Josh St. Denis
Rob Walker
Art Blanchard
Jared Reinke
Brandon Bowen
Sam Misuraca
Brian Hagan
Jeremy Drager

Our Average attendance is 66.21 players per week and we have had a total of 1,258 players over 19 weeks. 179 unique players and 144 tags sold. Both the total unique players and tags sold are higher than all of last year already and the 66.21 players per week is about 6.5 more players per day than last year.

Current Pool Leaders:

A Pool
Aaron Little - 76 points
Alex Gula - 44
Frank Strauss - 42

B Pool
Jared Reinke - 64 points
Brandon Bowen - 58
Corey Johnson - 55

C Pool
Rich Spinale - 44 points
Jesse Cleary - 39
Anthony Frongillo - 31

Womens Pool
Jacki Bogan - 42 points
Fallon Enman - 40
Ashlee Foley - 24

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
None - Pot at $241 + next weeks money in
Pot capped at $250 which we will hit next week. Will roll over to a second pot at $250. If two aces next week they will split all $.



Current Pool Handicaps (B Pool could potentially shift to 6 strokes next week):

A - 5 Stokes (5.08) - Hill Rounds (362) General Rounds (168)
B - 5 Strokes (5.47) - Hill Rounds (229) General Rounds (68)
C - 7 Strokes (7.05) - Hill Rounds (231) General Rounds (93)
W - 6 Strokes (No good data) - Hill Rounds (99) General Rounds (8)