Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 15 Results

Pretty nice weather but we had a lighter turnout than usual. I'm guessing a lot of our players had post Maple Hill Open - AM Side rest going on. For the first time ever we had more players on The General than The Hill. As a result, the hole assignments on the hill were a little messed up because we didn't reach 12 holes with 3 people on them. Seemed like it all worked out though with a little shifting around.

It was essentially the halfway point in the season (15/31 weeks) and we broke 1000 players! 1,005 to be exact. That brings us up to an average of 67 players per week.

162 unique players for the year

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
None - Pot at $52 + next weeks money in

Skills Challenge -



Current Pool Handicaps:
A - 5 Stokes (5.10) - Hill Rounds (310) General Rounds (125)
B - 5 Strokes (5.34) - Hill Rounds (193) General Rounds (47)
C - 8 Strokes (8.02) - Hill Rounds (183) General Rounds (61)
W - 5 Strokes (No good data) - Hill Rounds (82) General Rounds (4)