Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 14 Results

Smashed the all time attendance record last night with 89 players. That is 5 more than the previous high of 84 and 11 shy of hitting our $100 for 100 players bounty.

Please help me to get players out on the course as efficiently as possible. If you are playing The General and have a predetermined group of players you wish to play with, please all check in at the exact same time. Once your group is set please go out and start playing immediately. If you wait than there becomes a backup since we only use 3 holes as starting holes on The General. It would be cruel to make people walk to further holes so please help me to help you. Last night the last 4 cards in were all from The General. If your card is coming in after 8:15pm pleeeaaase text me your scores. 617-905-6574

936 players over 14 weeks. That is an average of 66.85 players per week.

Sold another 2 tags and had 7 new players last night. I just counted 160 unique players for the year.

Jesse Cleary nailed the $218 ace pot on hole 13 on The Hill!

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
Jesse Cleary - Hole 13 Hill $218

Ace pot at $0 + next weeks money in

Skills Challenge -



Current Pool Handicaps:
A - 5 Stokes (5.10) - Hill Rounds (298) General Rounds (109)
B - 5 Strokes (5.20) - Hill Rounds (185) General Rounds (37)
C - 9 Strokes (8.50) - Hill Rounds (172) General Rounds (52)
W - 5 Strokes (No good data) - Hill Rounds (79) General Rounds (4)