Monday, March 9, 2015

The Wait is Almost Over!

Finally, league is back in session this Wednesday! Sure, there is a bit of snow on The Hill but with the proper footwear walking the course is actually pretty easy. We did a little preseason league yesterday and 5 groups of 4 players played the course in about 2.5 hours. Some people are still using ribbons but most discs are staying on top of the snow. It is still a good idea to keep a close eye on all throws and use spotters on the blind holes. 

We have already sold 47 tags and have some new players in the mix so I expect the league to grow again this year. We may start a little slow due to the snow but I expect to pick up the pace in a few weeks!

While we will normally start in the main parking lot near hole 1 we will be meeting at the Hawks Nest shop for the first few weeks. We were going to do a shortened courses but after the preseason round I am confident we can finish the whole course if we all keep play moving along. 

Couple notes about discs lost in the snow. Please limit search times to 3 minutes and come to a group decision on the spot of the disc if it is not found. There are no penalty strokes assessed for lost discs at this time. When all the snow is melted we will go back to the usual lost disc rules (re-tee or re-throw from previous lie with a penalty).

All 2015 league info is here: