Thursday, March 12, 2015

League Starts Off with a BANG!

Back in the saddle. It was great to get everyone together on such a nice warm day after what seems like an extremely long offseason. With the snow still piled up pretty high on the hill we were expecting a max of about 30 people but more than double that actually showed up..  We got a total of 58 people onto the course to play and we turned away several who showed up too late to get to a starting hole. Play was slower than expected and several groups finished in the dark so we will still with a 4:15 start next week. Important to note that, given the large # of people, starting at the hawks nest turned into a bad idea. Next week will start from our usual spot in the main parking lot near hole 1. I'll be there and set up by 3:15 so please be signed in and at your assigned hole by 4:15.

Among the 58 players were about 15 players who either haven't  played with our league before or  maybe have done so once or twice in the past. Hoping this is a sign of a good year to come.

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