Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workday Reminder for this Saturday - May 3rd

Just a friendly reminder we are having a workday this Saturday, May 3rd. We will be compacting fill into the twelve ground boxes and covering with them with Flypads. We need to move a fair amount of fill material with wheel barrels, so the more people and wheel barrels we have the easier this will be.
Weather looks good for the weekend, not too hot. We will meet at 9am at The Hawk’s Nest to begin, but feel free to come anytime later in the day to help out.
We could really use wheel barrels if you got one. If it’s more convenient, you can drop it off at The Hawk’s Nest before Saturday and they will lock it up. Also shovels, rakes and hand tampers would be of great help. As usual there will be lunch and drinks for all that participate. Thank you all so much for your support, together we can make this dream come true.