Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 7 Results

NEXT WEEK START TIME IS 5:15pm - For the first 72 players to register in person. This will be the last 5:15 start time and the following week (May 7th) we will move to 5:30 for the rest of the Spring/Summer until we start winding downward again late in the year.

Surprisingly, we had 59 players come out on a night with some tough wind and cool temps. We have been lucky dodging really bad weather so far this year but I think there has only been one single day with a nice forecast (we had 67 players that night). I'm excited to see what happens on the first nice day with a 5:30 start time.

Couple interesting stats for our first 7 league nights. We have had a total of 401 players and which means we are AVERAGING over 57 players per week. That's about 10 players per night better than last year.

We have also had exactly 100 unique players join us and we have sold 88 tags. Each of these figures almost matches last year after only 7 weeks.

I am aiming to start the PDGA league ratings on May 14th or 21st.

Ned Eisenberg takes home the #1 tag for the 4th week in a row!! 

A few more administrative notes:

There was once again a huge gap (45 minutes last night, at least) in time between the first card in and the last card in. We are all playing the same amount of holes and starting at the same time. I'm going to move around where I put the 4 somes in an effort to make everything move a little quicker but please use this as a general rule of thumb. If there is no group in front of you and there is always a group behind you - YOU NEED TO PLAY FASTER..  Also helpful to move things along is the hole 18 spotter assistance rule. If you have all tee'd off of hole 18 and there is another group waiting on the box than let them drive before you get to the downhill turn.

The back of my car is not a lost and found. Each week when I get home from league I find the strangest items stuffed in there and I really want that stop.  Lost and Found discs go to the Hawks Nest, you can drop it off there just as easily as I can... Clothing, towels, gloves, screwdrivers, and the many other assorted items will be thrown out or donated to charity.

Thank you for your cooperation on both of these matters.

Top 3 A Pool:
1- Ned Eisenberg - 51 - tag 1 - 4 points
2- Ken Gary - 54 - tag 2 - 3 points
T3- Cooper Arnold - tag 4 - 2 points
T3- Dan Nakamoto - tag 5 - 2 points

Top 3 B Pool:
T1- Ed Legenza - 59 - tag 16 - 4 points
T1- Gator Holmes - 59 - tag 20 - 4 points
T3- Ryan Shevlin - 60 - tag 25 - 2 points
T3- Nick Erickson - 60 - tag 26 - 2 points

Top 3 C Pool -
1- Avery Sartelle - 70 - tag 61 - 4 points
2- Steve Banatowski - 71 - tag 67 - 3 points
3- Ric Hamel - 75 - tag 70 - 2 points

TOP 3 Women -
1- Ashley Toomey - 65 - tag 54 - 4 points
2- Jacki Bogan - 71 - tag 68 - 3 points
3- Kim Krieser - 84 - tag 86 - 2 points

CTPs - Hole 7 (worth additional point in standings & $$):
A - Donnie Phillips $14
B/C/W - Jamie Newcombe $14

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$):
none - pot at $30

Skills Challenge (worth an additional point in standings) -
CTP to trash barrel in field
A - Luke Adolph
B - Jim Robinson
W - Ashley Toomey

Full Results: