Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Have a Donation Box!

The Donation box is in! 

Please support Devens Disc Golf by dropping some cash when you can! We promise to use the money to make your experience at the course better! We have some expansion plans in the works that we think you will all enjoy. 

Big thanks to Eric Spring from Newton Hill for making this fine donation box and for the special team of Ken, Rob and I for putting it in. For the first time in Devens history we did not run into any rocks while digging the hole for this =)

We will empty the box on a regular basis and we also have security watching in case anyone attempts anything stupid. (Check above the red dot in the first picture and close up in the same spot in the next. Very well trained, he also watches for people who litter as well. 

Thanks to Andy Duquette for the first donation!