Saturday, October 20, 2012

Team Challenge Season Kicks Off Tomorrow

Team Devens travels to Bellamy Park in Dover, NH tomorrow to take on Team Bellamy. Wish us luck! We are both new teams but the players on each team have plenty of experience as Team Devens members are comprised mostly of the old Dam Hill team and Team Bellamy has several players from various Maine teams.

Here is your Devens roster:

1 Luke Adolph (co-captain)
2 John Hart (co-captain)
3 JayBob Johnson
4 Alex Gula
5 Alan MacLean
6 Frank Strauss
7 Andy Duquette
8 Donnie Phillips
9 Taylor Maslowski
10 Pete Nevius
11 Bill Bertera
12 Josh Miller
13 Bob Kulchuk
14 Travis Milem
15 John Buonsanto
16 Stefanie Johnson or Kari James

1 Jason Thurlow
2 Dan Nakamoto
3 Bob Burdett
4 Bill Corr

Wish us luck this season!